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Illuminates the neon signs around the Mojave. Adds ambient colour and atmosphere to the game. Now you can bask in neon glow.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds custom ambient lightning to the neon signs using JIP. It is scripted, so lights are off when the sign stops emitting.
I've included a patch for LightBright Strip Overhaul, which tweaks the emittance values to add glow to the neon signs added by the mod; also adds lights to three of them (Glitter Gulch, Santa Anita, Pig). I've only included the assets that have open permissions.

Signs that are covered:

The Strip
    Welcome to the Strip
    Lucky 38 (entrance & side sign)
    The Tops (sign and animated casino lights)
    Monorail Station
    Ultra Luxe (sign & building dome)
    Vault21 (sign and building)

    Open 24

    Vikki & Vance
    Bison Steve
    Mojave Express

    New Vegas
    El Rey Motel

Helios One (entrance and 2x rooftop)

    Freeside small
    Freeside big
    The Kings
    Atomic Wrangler
    Silver Rush
    Welcome to New Vegas

    Monte Carlo Suites

Plug and play. Should be compatible with everything. The mod touches several of the always-on neon sign meshes. I don't know of another mod that does that.
Load order shouldn't matter, but let weather mods, lucky 38 replacers, strip light region fix, have priority over this mod. Didn't notice a performance hit, but don't expect your FPS on The Strip to be higher with this mod.

If you want to be able to see the lights from farther away, e.g. see the Vault 21 lights from The Strip entrance you can add the following line under [Display] in your falloutcustom.ini

I'm using NVR, Desert Natural Weathers and High Resolution Bloom in the screens.
Thanks to Wall for his mesh editor. Wouldn't have considered doing this without it.

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