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Heather Masons outfit from Konami's Silent Hill 3. For all your haunted hotties, now for Fallout: New Vegas Type 4

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Just a simple port of Heather Masons outfits from Silent Hill 3, Now for Fallout: New Vegas Type 4.

GLOW got to thinking: there were always quite a few resident evil mock up outfits floatiing around for other games on Nexus, theres a TON of MGS assets pported directly from the games (nothing wrong with that) but we wanted to see more selections from another one of our favorite game series "Silent Hill".


  • Heather Masons main outfit
  • The "sporty" alternate outfit
  • Princess Heart costume & ear muffs
  • Heathers Necklace

I decided not to do any retextures for this mod, at the moment, as I was eager to get it released.


  • These outfits can be found in the corner of the church basement of searchlight, in a steam trunk. Look for the lantern.

  • Download it using your mod manager of choice, or manually by unpacking the folder and dropping the data
  • content into your fallout: new vegas game directory, be sure to enable the file before launching the game.

Known Bugs

  • Princess heart earmuffs are not properly optimized, and the weighting is a little weird when you wear it. it clips through hair as well. This outfit was included something of an afterthought

  • 1.1 update includes missing trunk mesh, and missing folders.


  • Type 4 You need this file, (or one of its type variants, for the body textures to work properly)
  • Mannequin Races - TYPE4 (for seamless compatibility)

Known Bugs:

  • Silent Hill 3 was released in 2003 and as such, the textures and the mesh itself is old. I did the best I could making them bigger and improving the quality, but there was only so much I could do
  • As a result of the above, I replaced the pants with an altered version of cass's pants provided by TheDudeAbides and used with permission.
  • I also upped the poly count a bit to improve the shape of the mesh for fallout new vegas. it shouldn't be so high that its problematic for older systems, but, it might. Be advised.
  • Heather mason is a 16 year old girl. As such, I did not reshape the body of the outfit to match the type 4 body. That means, all versions will have smaller breasts, shoulders, and an overall petiteness. I tried to maintain the shape of the original to the best of my ability.
  • Princess heart outfit was a bit of a a last minute addition, as such there are are few quirks
  • there is a bit of clipping in the back of the skirt
  • the princess heart ear muffs were difficult to weight paint properly, so your mileage may very on how they fit your character
  • the princess heart earmuffs clips through hair. 
Recommended but not required mods:


Q: Any other silent hill outfits or assets planned for release?

A: Yes!! Many other Silent Hill assets and outfits are planned for release through GLOW. The biggest thing is being able to find the extracted Konami assets in a format I can port (.obj or mesh.ascii are preferable but anything that blender cam handle will do.) I will port any asset from the silent hill games that I can get my hands on and share them with Nexus. Do YOU Know where I can find a stash of extracted assets? do you know exactly where to find your favorite silent hill outfit or asset with an extension blender can import? Let us know! my dms or comments are open! i am always on the hunt for silent hill assets to share with nexus. This is a huge way you could help with more silent hill in fallout: new vegas. :)

Q: Any chance that you'll convert it to type X, Y, or Z body?

A: I have no plans to convert this outfit to any other body type, but any other ambitious mod author has GLOWs blessing to do so, and to use the textures I have created for this mod. The permissions of this mod for conversion, integration, improvements, or being adjusted for other body types are wide open.

Q: Will you make this compatible with BNB?

A: Honestly? No. Why? Because I don't feel like doing the extra work for something I personally don't use. Again, any enterprising mod author are more than welcome to make this BNB compatible, however, be advised putting this outfit into edit mode in blender and exporting it will break the seamless compatibility. You will want to follow Junkacc11s instructions to use their seamless system if you'd like to approach this task.

Q: Im having a unique bug with this mod that isn't listed here, what should I do?

A: Messages reach us faster then comments or bug reports do for the most part, but before messaging us, commenting, or submitting a bug report, please verify that the bug is in fact coming from our mod by doing all the usual checks and we'll do our best to address it, but I am frequently AFK -_-, so please try to be patient with our response times!

Q: Can I use KONAMI copyrighted materials for non-commercial purposes?

A: "Generally, Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. does not object to fans using copyrighted materials for non-commercial purposes, and in a manner which does not intentionally spoil the plot of a game for other players. By "non-commercial" we mean that you cannot use our copyrighted material to promote a product you are selling or making any profit from, like wallpapers, t-shirts, skins for electronic devices, etc. nor can you use it to monetise a website or a media channel. Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. does reserve the right to have its copyrighted material taken down at any time, and to remove any content
we find objectionable on a case by case basis." Konami is amazingly open with their assets, provided they aren't being used for commercial gain. Port Mods qualify as non commercial use.
Konamis Permission for non commercial asset use

Q: This mod isn’t lore friendly / wouldn’t be practical in the wasteland / I don’t like this and want to complain! :(

A: If you don’t like it, don’t use it. ACAB includes the fashion police. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Permission to use assets from this mod in original work, up to and including mash-ups, retextures, improvements to existing assets, conversion to a different body type, or game, quests or inclusions in an overhaul, etc perpetually granted, even in the event of this authors/teams absence, provided the user credits me and every creator I have credited for their hard work. Each individual creator whose assets have been used in this work reserves the right to revoke permission for use of assets at anytime. Please read individual author permissions on each of the pages and fully adhere to them.

Please note: as a team, we also have the right to revoke permission for use, at any time, for any reason. We keep permissions as open as possible for other mod authors to contribute fun and creative mods to the community, this is ultimately the mission
of GLOW as a "fashion label". but we also have boundaries in terms of how we're treated, and the purpose of the project or the team behind said project.


the mod team who collaborated on this port decided to give our team a name, or a "fashion label" if you will, to adequately distribute credit to everyone involved and to be included within the author mention. Each of the individual mod authors contributed a fair share of work and deserves a fair shake for their efforts. Please check out their pages for great mods and screenshots and throw a few endorsements and kudos their way.

If you liked this mod, Please visit these mod authors pages linked above and throw a few endorsements and kudos their way, and check out their mods and images for more incredible work.

Thank You to the above authors for their extensive contributions to the nexus community, as well as graciously allowing me to utilize assets from their mods in my own work, thank you especially to the mod authors who gave our team permission to port, alter, and release this collection on the Fallout: New Vegas nexus, and for all of their beautiful work they have shared over the years. a special thank you, as always goes outto zzjay and AuAllerWelt whose continued contributions, help and support
made this release possible. Thank you especially to 7thNightHawk for continually providing beautiful screenshots that always make any mod page special, and thank you to Fallout2am for your work on the high heel script. Thank you always to the nexus community whose continued support and encouragement incentivizes creators to share their work with you. 

Reporting a bug or making a suggestion:

Before reporting a bug, or making a suggestion for the mod, be sure you have read the entire description for the mod page. Technical/known bugs section for bug reports, FAQ and future plans for suggestions. I try to be extremely thorough with my description and readmes and leave nothing out. If it is already written in the description of the mod, thats where I
will point you toward. The description which answers the question or suggestion. Where suggestions are concerned, if it was left out of the mod, there was probably a reason for it. If you are having a unique bug that isn't listed, messages will reach me faster then comments do. Be very specific about the nature of the bug, (whats happening specifically? can you take a picture?) and follow up with the team. If you're unhappy with enchantments or DT then you will be told to make those changes yourself in the GECK.

Should go without saying but rude/aggressive behavior will go unresponded too.


Xazomn for trunk textures
Eronel55 for trunk mesh
SydneyB For the gloves
Team Silent for Creating the assets
Konami for open permissions.