About this mod

Female body replacer featuring no neckseams and much improved arms and upperbody. Complete set of armor and clothing with support for all DLCs, and Impact. 100+ vanilla bugs fixed.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
No neckseams
No mangled arms
All DLC support
Impact support
100+ vanilla bugs fixed


1. I've spun off what used to be "Extra Races" into its own mod. If you want to easily create attractive female characters, click HERE.
2. I've also released an animation system that utilizes kNVSE to make everyone move differently. Click HERE.


It all started when FO3 came out. Started playing after the release of Type3 but kept noticing things like the neckseam and mangled arms. I eventually ragequit because of them. Then came along Type6, which I felt was a big improvement over Type3's skinny arms and tiptoe feet but still the neckseams and arms got me.

I was about to give up when rummaging through the T6 files I found a different body. It seemed this body was an intermediary step between Type3 and Type6 that necroscop (the author of Type6) had worked on. Hence I named it Type4 and started changing it. I really liked how it looked but it still had arm problems so I gave the entire upperbody from the waist up new vertex weights. Also fixed the skeleton problem that was causing the neckgap, changed the vertex normals in order to fix the neckseam and made textures so the diffuse and normalmaps would match. Then I fixed armor problems, like mangled straps, shoulders going through armor pieces, feet going through shoes, necks sticking through collars, body pieces sticking out of clothing when moving, etc. Then fixed it again because the new weights were causing new clipping. I also made new hands and gloves and an adjusted PipBoy.

Long story short, after working on this on and off for a few years, the FO3-FONV female body no longer makes me want to hit uninstall.exe

The download section contains:

- Type4 Female Body
- New Hands + PipBoyGlove
- All armors and clothing except Power Armors for FO3+DLCs and FONV+DLCs.
- All female gloves and female versions of hand2hand weapons
- Adjusted PipBoy
- Heads:
all bethesda female
nuska's women of the wasteland
Fallout Character Overhaul v2
Fallout Character Overhaul v3
throttlekitty's adjusted heads for eyelashes
zzjay's mannequin race

*Heads needed new vertex normals at the neckseam in order for this to work.

*Bethesda did a good job with the male heads. They all have the same vertex
 normals at the neckseam, whereas the female heads are all over the place.
 Therefore, bethesda male heads are not included.

*FCO, WotW, and Mannequin heads had a line at the back of the neck that was
 fixed along with the vertex normals. All FCO male heads are also included.

*If you are the author of any of the above, please incorporate the fixed heads
 into your respective files. I would rather the heads be there than here.

- Female
- Raiderfemale
- Ghoulfemale
- HH tribalfemale caucasian
- Lobotomite female

- Templates for blender or KGTools for the neckseam and wrists.
* Yes, you can use the neck template for Type3, but do not use the wrists.
* For T6 & T6M, you must first copy the skeleton of T4 into them.
- Gimp xcf files to make seamless textures.

If you play Vanilla FNV with no character overhauls and just want a replacer for the female body and armors:
  • Install the main package. That's it.
  • Make sure that T4-plugin.esp is loaded after any armor or race altering mods.

If you use NV Redesigned 2 or 3:
  • Install NVR & BNW Redesigned - TYPE4.
  • Install the main package.
  • Make sure that T4-plugin.esp is loaded after any armor or race altering mods.

Warning: This mod contains nudity. It's a game about murder, slavery, prostitution, and drugs afterall. But if you don't like:

T6M Power Armor: Female power armor.
Hair and Eye Patcher: Conveniently adds any custom hair and eyes without having to use GECK. A very handy time saver.
Megaton Hairs: Now that you've installed Hair and Eye Patcher, time to get some hairs. A wide selection of good looking hairs.
Natural Eyes or Cataract Eyes: Fix those beady vanilla eyes.

Seamless Custom Races
T4 - Goblinas: THE BEST ONE!!!
Beloved Girls Race (old version): Custom races that go for the cute style.
Mannequin Races - T4: More beautiful custom races (Megaton Hairs come pre-installed with this).
Mojave Delight: The timeless classic race mod has been updated to support T4!

Seamless Custom Outfits
Armor Dump: A collection of assorted seamless armors.
Chunchunmaru's Outfits: Another collection of seamless armors.
Nickheggo's Outfits (and Weapons): High quality military style armors.
AciesGecko's Outfits: HQ conversions from other games, ex) TERA.
Robotboyng's Outfits: Unique creations from a talented artist.
GLOW Outfits: More HQ conversions from other games.
High Heels script: Adds high heels for T4.

Seamless For Males
Improved Vanilla Male Body: If you use vanilla.
Type4 - Roberts Male Compatibility Patch: If you see weird texture issues when using Roberts with T4.

Seamless Quest Mods

The Frontier - TYPE4:  Females in "The Frontier" are now seamless, courtesy castisass.