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Simple wigs to equip under your hats!
Male and Female

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Project Hairline
is the solution for the problem of custom hairstyles + hats.
Made to be used with hairmods, like this one: Megaton Hairs
Works in Frontier,etc.

You probably noticed that when you use custom hairstlyes and wear a hat you just turn bald!
This is an issue that is encoded in the fallout NV engine, that adds too many limitations that won't let custom hairs display a decent hairline.
If you are interested you can read the explanation below:


For this reason Project Hairline adds a set of wigs for males and females that are meant to be used with hats.

Behind: Godspring's Gas Station. See pictures.


Each wig has 2 versions. Hair and Wig.


Fallout New Vegas has 2 different kinds of hats, that occupy different slots.

  • One will just completely HIDE your hair making you bald. > This Hat NEEDS the HAIR VERSION.
  • The other will now remove your hair, that will endlessly clip with your hat > This Verson NEEDS the WIG VERSION


The WIGS will not change colour with your hair. You can chose among 5 Colors and a custom color you can select in the FOMOD installation.
Remember that i won't make any additional color. You can Download GIMP and change it yourself. You can find a tutorial here: https://zzjay88.wordpress.com/2013/06/28/skyrim-textrure-modding-tutorial-basic-compression/


There are 6 different models 3 are Vanilla based and have no clipping.
the Other 3 Models are from SARAM Hair, and are a bit bigger. Some clipping with some hat models may occur.
One of these 3 models is intended to be bigger,and it's meant to be used only with WIDE hats, and not the tight fitting models.
The Male version of the Saram Wig is more prone to clipping due to the hairstyle not being intened for males.


idkrrr for https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/19387
Apachii for hair texture


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