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Featuring, for the first time ever, a full animation set for all animations pertaining to The Pitt/TTW's Auto-Axe and its unique variants. Requires TTW and kNVSE.

Permissions and credits
Special thanks to hitman47101 for having the patience to teach me how to use the curve editor in order to smooth out this loop as much as my skill allowed.

  • Covers all animations related to the Auto-Axe, including block, blockhit, recoil, etc.
  • Supports TTW (actually requires it).
  • Gameplay-friendly.
    • Includes two different locomotion options:
      • A version blending Hit - Locomotion and my custom locomotion for walking/iron sights locomotion (featured in the video).
      • A version with no locomotion, allowing you to choose from the various locomotion sets out there.

  • xNVSE
  • kNVSE
  • Tale of Two Wastelands
  • It is unclear to me if your game will crash if you attempt to use this with console commands; to be on the safe side, you should just roll with TTW, unless an intrepid user smarter than myself decides to make a patch.


  • Out-of-the-box compatibility with any mod that does not specifically use kNVSE to edit the Auto-Axe.
  • Does not overwrite vanilla animations, allowing you to safely switch back.
  • No plugin. Safe to install/uninstall mid-game.

  • If you enjoy this mod in any capacity, please do consider endorsing it.

  • If you wish to support me and my animating habits further, donations or Patreon support are very helpful. My job is contract-based, and I will be absent work in the summer; any additional income not only helps me get by, but allows me to justify more time animating. Small, one-time donations are especially helpful.

I've been getting rather tired of conventional weaponry, and I've been meaning to cover the Auto-Axe for a while, so here we are.

There's not many style notes to report: I wanted it to look aggressive and heavy, which I think I've accomplished; this is a brutal weapon. I had intended for a bigger "cut" effect when you release the trigger and the loop ends, but due to some engine limitations, I couldn't safely implement that. Still, it should appear as though your Auto-Axe manages to cut through whatever you're attacking when you let go for the trigger, so that should be nice.

Not shown in the video, because Trogs are too dumb to block (I don't even thinking they have blocking animations, RIP): there's a recoil animation when your attack connects with a blocking opponent. The intention there was for the blade to appear like it gets "stuck," and then it goes haywire, and then you briefly lose control. This more-or-less comes across in-game, although recoil animations are kind of weird in a way I can't pin down. In any case, you're unlikely to see much of it, since, again, Trogs don't block. I'd recommend taking this weapon to the main Capital Wasteland and having some fun with it--it's really cool, and now the animations for it are less janky, if nothing else.