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Restores the cut Scorched Sierra Power Helmet to go with the Scorched Sierra Power Armor

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I am constantly amazed by some of the stuff that doesn't make it into the final release of a Fallout game. There's tons of cut content lying around, fully ready to be included in the game, but for whatever reason was passed over. On the one hand, it's kind of cool. On the other hand, it's kind of frustrating.

Case in point, the Scorched Sierra Power Helmet. For those of you who've played through Lonesome Road (and been to the Long 15), you're no doubt already aware of how awesome the Scorched Sierra Power Armor is. What you probably don't know is that there was supposed to be a matching helmet. Not only that, the helmet was supposed to have just a little bit of extra class: a glowing visor. How cool would that have been?

Fortunately, the resources for the helmet still exist, glowing visor and all. The only thing that was missing was an actual armor item that used those resources, and I've taken care of that part.


There was nothing in the DLC to indicate what stats the helmet was supposed to have, so I gave it my best guess, based on the armor's stats and the whole glowing visor thing:

Scorched Sierra Power Helmet
DT: 6
HP: 120
+10 Fire Resistance
+1 Perception


The helmet can be found in the same place as the rest of the armor: on Colonel Royez in the Long 15. To prevent him from wearing it (and being that much harder to kill) I've made it a ''Death Item'', meaning that it will only appear on his person once he has been killed. If you've already killed him and would still like the helmet, you can obtain it by using the console command ''player.additem xx000bf8'' (replace xx with the load order of this mod).


By request, I have added support for Project Nevada's enhanced vision modes. This requires a separate compatibility patch, found in the Optional Files section of this mod's Downloads.