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Caravan fast travel around the Mojave.

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Allows the player to pay caravaneers to escort them around the Mojave.  There are only three destinations and I don't plan on changing that.  The idea is to cut down the longer treks (between the east and west of the map, and between north and south) but to still require foot travel to other locations.  There are other similar fast travel mods but I felt they either weren't immersive enough or had too many locations, so I made this simple mod.

  • Caravans allow travel between Goodsprings, Novac and Freeside North Gate (gateway to the Strip).
  • Costs 70 caps and requires the respective map markers to be discovered for each destination.
  • Caravans will not allow travel when you are in combat.  They will not show destinations that are nearby.
  • The new local caravaneers are essential, stay in place and can sleep (but probably won't). Brahmin is also essential and will follow.
  • Caravaneers should be neutral to player and NPCs, regardless of quest states.
  • Traveling Merchants and Crimson Caravaneers in the world will also give travel options.
  • Traveling Merchants will give a 20 cap discount if NCR fame and infamy are at +/-50% respectively. This does not apply to the local caravaneers.
  • Added the missing female Crimson Caravan trader variant from game files.
  • Caravaneers are voiced, but lip sync is a little off for some lines (uses files from longer voice lines).

Recommended mods:
No Fast Travel - New Vegas or LStewieAL's Tweaks to disable fast travel.
Working Crimson Caravan Traders or JSawyer Ultimate to allow Crimson Caravaneers to trade (travel dialogue should still work).
Spice of Life or another mod that changes caravaneer outfit leveled lists to give caravaneers unique outfits.