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Caravan fast travel around the Mojave.

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Allows the player to pay caravaneers to escort them around the Mojave.  There are 15 destinations.  The idea is to cut down the longer treks but to still require foot travel to other locations.  There are other similar fast travel mods but they didn't fit my tastes, so I made this simple mod.

  • Caravans allow travel between Goodsprings, Novac, Freeside North Gate (gateway to the Strip), the Mojave Outpost, 188 Trading Post, Camp McCarran, Jacobstown, Cottonwood Cove, Primm, Red Rock Canyon, Sloan, Westside West Gate, Bitter Springs, Nelson (disabled by default), and Boulder City.
  • Costs 70 caps (by default) and requires the respective map markers to be discovered for each destination.
  • Time passes based on distance traveled (5 hours from Mojave Outpost to New Vegas).
  • Caravans will not allow travel when you are in combat.  They will not show destinations that are nearby.
  • The new local caravaneers are essential, stay in place and sleeps. Brahmin is also essential and will follow.
  • Caravaneers should be neutral to player and NPCs.
  • Traveling Merchants and Crimson Caravaneers in the world will also give travel options.
  • Traveling Merchants will give a 20 cap discount if NCR fame and infamy are at +/-50% respectively. This does not apply to the local caravaneers.
  • Obtaining the Explorer perk unlocks all destinations (which are enabled).
  • Added the missing female Crimson Caravan trader variant from game files.
  • Caravaneers are voiced, but lip sync is a little off for some lines (uses files from longer voice lines).
  • Added an MCM menu to enable/disable Caravan Stops, and/or their respective dialogue options for destinations. (v2.0)
  • Added MCM options to change the travel costs, discount, set costs dynamically based on distance, and also travel time. (v2.0)


Optional Patches:
  • The Living Desert - Allows the Prospector Merchants from The Living Desert to say their repair dialogue, which conflicts with my travel dialogue.  Load after both mods.
  • More Perks - Allows Traveling Merchants to say their repair and prospector dialogue if you have its Prospector perk.

If you have any issues, check if anything is overwriting these records in FNVEdit:
  • [INFO:00163CA9] ('Hey there. Need anything?' in GRUP Topic Children of GREETING "GREETING" [DIAL:000000C8] - for traveling merchants displaying travel option.
  • aaaE7GoodspringsMapMarker [REFR:000CDF51] (places MapMarker [STAT:00000010] in GRUP Cell Persistent Children of [CELL:000846EA] (in WastelandNV "Mojave Wasteland" [WRLD:000DA726]) at -18,0) - for traveling to Goodsprings.

  • Added Mojave Outpost and 188 Trading Post locations.
  • Time now passes based on distance traveled.
  • Added working sleep package to Caravaneers.
  • Adjusted position of sleeping bags.
  • Changed packages so Caravaneers will run to their posts.
  • Changed Caravaneer factions so they should not help player fight.
  • Added missing conditions to merchant dialogue failure options which would rarely make them appear when they shouldn't.
  • Fixed incorrect message for merchant travel while player in combat.
  • Packed textures into archive.

  • Added Camp McCarran, Jacobstown and Cottonwood Cove stops.
  • Optimized travel scripting.

  • Fixed incorrect response and voice file for traveling merchants' Freeside North option w/ NCR discount.

  • Updated script to remove unintentional JohnnyGuitar NVSE dependency (thanks mezzokoko)

  • Added Primm, Red Rock Canyon, Sloan, Westside West Gate, Bitter Springs, Nelson and Boulder City stops.
  • Added MCM menu with option to disable/enable stops, and/or disable their dialogue option, as well as adjust travel costs and travel time.
  • Added option to set travel costs dynamically based on distance to destination.
  • Changed dialogue to show actual travel cost dynamically.
  • Adjusted destination dialogue options to be in alphabetical order.
  • Changed discount requirements to mimic vanilla conditions using reputation thresholds (requires good NCR reputation titles) instead of percentages.
  • Minor dialogue fixes, improvements to conversation flow (removed many voice files).
  • Overhauled dialogue for when no locations are available.
  • Improved lip sync for voice lines.
  • Added minor patches for traveling merchant dialogue options from The Living Desert and More Perks mods

Recommended mods:
No Fast Travel - New Vegas or lStewieAl's Tweaks to disable fast travel.
Working Crimson Caravan Traders or JSawyer Ultimate to allow Crimson Caravaneers to trade (travel dialogue should still work).
Spice of Life or another mod that changes caravaneer outfit leveled lists to give caravaneers unique outfits.

Other fast travel alternatives:
Alternative Fast Travel - Speed-E Wheels Travel Systems by Puce Moose - Adds fast travel kiosks around the Mojave that can be repaired and used to travel.
Mojave Travel by PushTheWinButton - Adds a motorcycle that must be repaired and fueled for fast travel.