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Removes some map markers in an attempt to make exploration more interesting.

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Removes some map markers in an attempt to make exploration more interesting.

Something I love in Open World games is wandering around and finding unmarked stuff. Fallout 3 had a few like Rockopolis or the bunkers you find by activating radio towers which is pretty cool. Unfortunately, I think New Vegas is lacking those kind of things and you may have noticed, many marked locations are lame, like there's nothing memorable about these places to be worth having a map markers. This mod attempts to make exploration more interesting by removing most of the map markers.

The count of remaining map markers is 76 (DLCs included) and they can't be missed, enough to get the achievements.

Don't agree with something the mod did? FNVEdit is a great tool for everyone, not just mod makers, which can help you get what you want, so here's a FNVEdit guide to help make the changes necessary:

0 - If you don't know how to install FNVEdit, Qolore7 has made a video showing you how, watch from 0:00 to 1:20: VIDEO LINK

Now, let's say you want to restore the Remnants Bunker map marker.
1 - Load the mod in FNVEdit:

2 - Expand the mod, expand Worldspace then WastelandNV and search for the corresponding record:

3 - Right click the record and then Remove:

That's it you're done. Of course FNVEdit allows more than this, I suggest messing around with it, try renaming a weapon, fix a conflict between two mods, once you get a hand of it you won't regret it. For more advanced stuff, the GECK is what you need.