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A conversion of Vurt's FO3 Flora Overhaul for TTW 3.3.2 by hadesTTW. Includes the Forested, Dead, and Total Devastation versions.

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TTW DC Flora Overhaul

Hi there! This is a fully functional conversion of Vurt's Flora Overhaul for TTW 3.3.2. I made sure that this does not effect the Mojave in any way- use WFO in conjunction if you want more flora there!

Three editions- Forested, Dead, and Total Devastation- are offered. All editions are updated for the latest version of TTW.

The screenshots on this page for the Forested version are taken using my weathers mod, TTW Vibrant Weathers, and the Dead screenshots are taken using True Weathers TTW. No weather mods are used for the Total Devastation screenshots.


Forested: replaces 7 of the default trees with lush versions. A much more colorful and fertile landscape than default. Has 7 more groundcovers (lupins, ferns, and more) compared to the other versions. Small/medium to large sized trees. A tint-removing mod is recommended. Pairs great with Wasteland Flora Overhaul for the Mojave along with
A Wasteland In Bloom for nice bushy grass back in Nevada.

Dead: Lore friendly version with 7 new dead trees and new groundcovers. Very large trees for a more forested feel. 4K grass texture. Should look fine with or without a tint-removing mod. Works great in conjunction with WFO along with Less Fertile Wasteland Flora Overhaul for the Mojave, and Groundcover Overhaul for the grasses back in Vegas.

Total Devastation: Lore friendly version without any lush trees. 4 of the default trees are replaced with new much larger and taller dead trees, inspired by the dead pines in the movie The Road. This edition does not look good with sunny weather and blue skies. You should stick with no weather mods or a dark, apocalyptic weather mod. No WFO for the Mojave recommended.

Known Issues
There appears to be some sort of X shape above the LODs of each tree. At the moment it is not known what causes this- reducing the LOD textures so that they do not touch the image border does not seem to make an effect. Reportedly, disabling transparency multi-sampling helps (putting bTransparencyMultisampling=0 in your falloutcustom.ini), though at a clear visual cost. Make sure to let me know if a solution is found.

Recommended Tweaks
I can't believe I forgot to include this, but you should make sure the grass appears properly with the Forested edition by making these changes to your falloutcustom.ini.

(or higher)

Yes, "Texture" needs to misspelled for these settings to take effect.

Note on LOD Generation

A crucial difference between the original mod and the TTW version is the way the LOD is implemented. In Fallout 3, flora uses TreeLOD, which is generated and stored separately from Object LOD. For unknown reasons, TreeLOD is completely broken in FNV, requiring a workaround. Therefore, proper LOD for the trees will not appear unless if one uses FNVLODGen to generate Object LOD.

If you want to be able to see trees from a distance, then you must download and use this program. Make sure to only generate Object LOD, not TreeLOD, and to right click the left plane to select all worldspaces. You should also make sure your atlas size is set to 8192 x 8192, as to ensure that all trees will be visible. If you are using Mod Organizer, then make sure to open the generator through MO. Finally, if you are having issues with the version on Nexus, try out the latest xLODGen beta on this site.

Obviously, all thanks goes to to Vurt for creating this wonderful mod that makes the wasteland so much prettier!
This conversion was made by hadesTTW. I will provide support for this conversion.
I received assistance in every step of the process by Roy Batty.
Thanks to Reddit user /u/Nonchalant-Croissant for helping me out with the LOD generation.
Special thanks for Drithius for patching floating trees and various model issues in the Forested edition.