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Replaces the large trees and some other plants in Vurt's Wasteland Flora Overhaul with empty, invisible meshes, leaving a more desert style but still fairly lush landscape. No .esp. Requires original mod.

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A flora overhaul with stretches of fertile areas, as well as long stretches of dead desert. Gives some variety to the wasteland without going overboard with life.

There are no big trees, only cacti, small joshua trees, bushes, new grasses etc.

These trees/plants and their dead variants have been "removed" by replacing them,
and their LOD meshes, with invisible, collisionless meshes:

-Honey Mesquite
-Baby Pine
-Branchy Bristle
-Dead Bristlecone
-Dead Tree Variants (does not remove vanilla dead trees)
-Desert Willow
-Desert Pine
-Gnarl Pine
-Main Pine
-Mojave Pine
-Single Leaf Pine
-Straight Pine
-Tall Pine
-Thin Pine
-Utah Juniper
-Velvet Ash

Jacobstown trees have been left alone.

Highly recommended to generate object LOD with xLODGen or FNVLODGen after installing.

Load this mod after/overwrite Wasteland Flora Overhaul.