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A reworked conversion of Enhanced Skies - Weather and Lighting by Durast and Jokerine for TTW, with sky colours tweaked to be as stunning as possible. Also comes with a straight-up conversion.

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TTW Vibrant Weathers


Hello everyone! This an updated and currently maintained version of Enhanced Skies - Weather and Lighting for Tale of Two Wastelands. The original mod was made by Durast, before it was converted by Jokerine. Since she left Nexus with all permissions on her mods to be open, and all assets used in the original conversion are verified to belong to Jokerine, I decided to patch the mod myself.

After converting the mod and fixing several bugs regarding the presence of FNV's added time states of high noon and midnight, I didn't really find the default daytime colours really much to my taste, so I decided to modify the colours of the sky and fog to fit my own preferences. Using FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting, I changed how middays looked to be much more blue, and did some math to figure out corrected colour grading for the sunsets.

This resulted in the skies you see in the images above, which I personally find to very unique and intense. The screenshots were taken using several 4K texture mods, ReShade with HDR only, the TTW Vurt's Flora Overhaul conversion, and New Vegas Reloaded 3.4 for shadows and Ambient Occlusion, though I recommend using version 1.3 for normal play. I took a few screenshots with no other visual/retexture mods enabled as well- they are at the end of the gallery.

I hope you enjoy roaming the Capital Wasteland with this custom weather mod as much as I do. Of course, this is built for TTW 3.3, but should work with 3.2 if you are still finishing up your previous playthrough. This does not affect worldspaces outside of TTW in any way. For those of you who dislike the blue skies and the intense sunsets, I included a version with the sky colours reset to how they were in the original release of Enhanced Skies. The skies are a bit grayer and more washed out- you might prefer it, you might not.

  • Five weathers (clear, light clouds, cloudy, moody, and rain) with clear and detailed textures
  • Beautiful sunsets and sunrises with the entire wasteland engulfed in colour
  • Darker nights, but not too dark
  • Lightweight - no clunky scripts or broken meshes, just beautiful skies with little to no performance loss

Frequently Asked Question
  • Can you make a version of this for vanilla New Vegas?
No, this mod does not touch the Mojave. Get Nevada Skies or Desert Natural Weathers.

This is definitely not compatible with any weather mod that edits the climates of TTW. However, since I made sure in FNVEdit that this affects the Capital Wasteland and Fallout 3's DLCs only, Nevada Skies and this mod work just fine together! The New Vegas version of Altitude is also compatible, but the TTW edition is not. You can also try out the brand-new Desert Natural Weathers, which boasts beautiful new cloud assets and a stunning atmosphere for the Mojave!

If you do use this with a Mojave weather mod, then make sure to place this plugin just before it. If you choose to use NS, then Nevada Skies should be the very last plugin in your load order, and this should be the second to last.
If you notice any weathers occurring in the Mojave or FNV's DLCs, then that is not the intended behavior and you should
file a bug report.

Durast - the original mod
Jokerine - the TTW conversion which I used as a base, and also the night sky texture which I used
Sal203 and Camo - creating FNV RWL, which I used sky colours from, though no assets from RWL were used.
Scott Clam - helping me with bugfixes and edits
Carxt -  creating Honest Hearts Rain Script Fix which a modified version is used here
clayvn - bugfixes, compatibility with Natural Weathers
Matt - being a good friend

- hadesTTW