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Configurable grass mod (flowers=optional) for many more groundcovers! 17 new meshes - desert lupines, thistle, agave, yucca, cacti, tall green grass, shrubs, dead grass.. Retextures the original grasses.

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A Wasteland in Bloom - Not Your Ordinary Grass Mod! (there's also a dead version here!)

* The wasteland is no longer void of plant life. In this, more lush wasteland, you will encounter many new plants and grasses like cacti, agave, yucca, various flowers and grasses. The mod also retextures all the default grasses, the prickly pear cactus and the creosote bush.

* 17 new meshes

* only 2 .dds texture files are used where all the textures are baked. This is better for performance and easier for the user to maintain - e.g to desaturate or darken the two texture atlases if needed (i can't tweak the textures for every ENB..)

* Easy to configure amount of flowers in the landscape. The higher you go with iMaxGrassTypesPerTexure the more flowery meshes you will introduce (12 is max). Set it to around 5 for no flower meshes, to 8 for a few rare in some places. At 12 you will see all the new flora. Example: iMaxGrassTypesPerTexure=5 (in fallout.ini) will only introduce new grasses, cacti, yucca, agave.

Your fallout ini (grass section) should look like this for best effect (used in most of my images):



Q: Do i have to edit my .ini?
A: Yes. Don't use the old .ini's i did, for some reason they don't seem to work.

If you are using Mod Organizer 2 then you must use its ini editor which you will find under Tools. Editing the .ini's in other places will have no effect! Adding my old .ini files also seems to have no effect! (i can't remove the files so i put them under Archive, don't use them other than for looking at what they do / change). 

Q: What does this mod do?
A: It places new grass meshes on to the various LandTextures, this is why it requires an .esp. I've only placed grasses on landtextures which spawns the default grasses already. I've also let the names of the textures guide me, e.g barren, grass, dirt.. dirt has more flowers, something named barren has instead cacti, agave, yuccas etc.

Q: is this mod lore friendly?
A: Inspiration is mostly from looking at the mojave in full bloom (pics). As for lore, the game takes place in a alternative universe, far off into the future, the mojave can look like anything..

Q: I don't like the color of grass X and plant Y! 
A: Use Paint Net, it can read .dds files. Play around with hue and saturation until you're happy.

Q: Can i use this with Wasteland Flora Overhaul?
A: Yes. And you should let A Wasteland in Bloom override its files - it should have higher priority than WFO. 

Q: How can i get better performance?
A: You should use a higher imingrasssize, e.g 80 (default). 

Q: One of the plants popped up right before me!
A: Yeah, it can happen, shitty engine. I don't know of a fix, same in Skyrim.

Q: I've changed the .ini and i use the highest iMaxGrassTypesPerTexure (12), it doesn't seem to work because i don't see any flowers!
A: Make sure no other mod or program overrides the new setting you made with its own ini settings. Programs like Mod Organizer have their own folder with .ini's, they can have higher priority than other ini's.. it can be quite the mess..