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An overhaul of Mojave Enclave Patrols that brings many new additions to the original mod, made for use with DUST: Survival Simulator.

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A little pet project I've been working on for about three to four weeks at this point, I present:

Mojave Enclave Patrols - DUST Edition 

This mod is a heavily modified version of Mojave Enclave Patrols, specifically created for use with DUST: Survival Simulator

- Every Enclave encounter from the original mod has been completely overhauled
- Entirely new encounters
- Animated vertibird sequences
- New NPCs
- New notes/backstory
- New Enclave robots
- Removal of tesla power armors from non-Enclave NPCs (tech scavengers, etc.)

Note that this mod is meant to entirely replace the original Mojave Enclave Patrols, DO NOT install both mods.

DUST: Survival Simulator
Mojave Enclave Patrols - REARMAMENT
Original Hellfire Armor

- As stated previously, this is meant to replace the original MEP, so they are obviously incompatible
- This mod is NOT compatible with the original Fallout: New Vegas, you MUST be using DUST: Survival Simulator
- There is a slight incompatibility issue with A World of (Less) Pain´╗┐ in the Devil's Throat, a patch is available under the main file
- As of now no other incompatibilities are known, please let me know of any compatibility issues/bugs in the posts section

- A few more encounters in the Mojave Wasteland
- Some encounters in the DLC world spaces (specifically the Big MT)

Just Crashed Vertibird Power Armor Training - For those who want to put all that power armor to use
East Coast Enclave Faction Armor´╗┐ - Should make dealing with the Enclave slightly less of a struggle