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Resets the player's Level, XP, Skills, Perks and Karma upon travelling from the CW to the Mojave for the first time. This is done to preserve the difficulty of New Vegas and to provide an opportunity to start anew.

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Additional Details
-To reiterate, when you get to Doc Mitchell's place from the CW, this will permanently revert your character's Level, XP, Skills, Perks, and Karma to what you'd have at Level 1, with a few exceptions.
-Most notably, permanent Skill bonuses earned via Skill Books are kept intact.
-Perks earned outside of character creation, like those earned through Challenges or Quests, will also be preserved.
-Furthermore, you may also add exceptions to what gets reset via INI file.

-NOTE: Not all Perks could be entirely removed, since some have their effects tied to tricky-to-revert Quest stages. The list below details the Perks which will not be removed (yet):
Intense Training
Animal Friend
Fortune Finder
Implant GRX
Contract Killer
Daddy's Boy/Girl
Here and Now
Animal Friend
Ferocious Loyalty
-Any other perk that contains a Quest-type Perk Entry (modded ones included).

-This mod also lets you re-select your SPECIAL stats, Tagged Skills, and your Traits.

-Includes an INI file to configure some of mod's extra features.
These features are:

  • Vigor Tester Toggle - (bLoveTester)
-Allows toggling between showing the Vigor Tester screen or the SPECIAL allotment screen.
-By default, the SPECIAL allotment screen is chosen, unless you modify the INI.
-Note: will also apply if you start a new game in NV.

  • Quick Start - (bQuickStart)
-Allows toggling Doc Mitchell's psych test (if toggled off, you allot your Tag Skills and Traits right after you allot your SPECIAL).
-Quick starting is enabled by default.
-Note: will also apply if you start a new game in NV.

  • Get A Perk Reward - (bGetPerk)
-Lets the player earn a special perk as a slight compensation for losing most of their progress. Can be disabled.
-By default, the player earns a perk called "Humbled", which makes you gain 25% more XP.
That is, until you return to the Level you were last at before getting shot in the head. When that happens, the perk just gives 10% more XP.
-You may also choose to earn one of the LR DLC Karma-based perks, like "Ain't Like That Now".
Choosing this will make the PC earn the appropriate perk based on their Karma.
Note that it will also disable the player from getting one of these perks later down the road.

  • ...And settings to toggle if you want to reset your Level/Skills/Perks/Karma.


-TTW 3.2.2 (I can't guarantee that this will work on any other version)


-Not compatible with CCS (Character Creation Streamlined), and likely not any other mods that switch up Doc Mitchell's intro sequence either.

-Will only occur on TTW's train sequence to the Mojave (no New California support, although the people working on FNCO will likely implement a tweaked version of this mod somehow).

-Should be compatible with any mod that adds new perks.

-ItsMeJesusHChrist for letting me "borrow" one of their very high quality icons (Consistent Pip-Boy Icons).
-korri123 for confirming for me that using "Break" inside a nested while loop will only break the nested while loop.