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Small tweaks to a few perk and challenge formlists, including Pyromaniac and Animal Friend. Uses JIP NVSE.

Permissions and credits
First off, thanks to LolzMan1325 for his mod JIP NVSE Sawed-Offs for Cowboy, which I did modify code from.

This mod adds a few weapons and enemies to some perk and challenge formlists, which I felt other mods overlooked or ignored. This mod can be used on its own, but is intended to be used with other mods that fix and/or expand formlists, such as YUP, WMIM, and JSawyer Ultimate, all of which I highly recommend. It's all scripted, so it is compatible with all mods that modify these formlists.

The changes are as follows:

NEW in v1.1!
I cleaned up the script routines so that they can be added mid-save. Thanks to Demorome and Anro with that, and the new perk addition!

Animal Friend
  • Fire Geckos
  • Yao Guai
  • Excluded Legendary Fire Gecko, Legendary Night Stalker, Shadis, Ghost of She, and Ghost of She cubs

There doesn't seem to be any reason why Fire Geckos should not be affected by Animal Friend. All other gecko variants are affected by it, and the existence of a Legendary Fire Gecko shouldn't exclude it either, since the Legendary Night Stalker is also affected by it. Yao Guai are affected by it in Fallout 3, so it seems logical that it should carry over to Fallout New Vegas.

As an added bonus, I removed certain special creatures from the Animal Friend faction: Legendary Fire Gecko, Legendary Night Stalker, Shadis, Ghost of She, Ghost of She clones, Ghost of She cubs, and the Yao Guai used for the scripted intro. I felt like Animal Friend neutered the challenge of these creatures, so I opted to make them hostile, no matter what.

  • Cosmic knife super-heated

This weapon has a burn effect on crit. OWB added Sonic emitter - tarantula to Pyromaniac, and its only burn effect is on crit, so I thought that I would carry this logic over to all weapons it applies to.

Against All Tyrants
  • Gaius Magnus

He is a named Legion member. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Armed For Bear
  • Ranger Stevens
  • Colonel Royez

Ranger Stevens seems like an odd oversight, probably because he's only helpful if you have Animal Friend. Colonel Royez wasn't added to this challenge, most likely because of DLCs not being able to communicate with each other.

The Same Could Be Said of All Religious Weapons
  • Esther

Again, this seems like an odd oversight considering Esther was in Gun Runners' Arsenal. The weapon seems to be named after the Biblical princess Esther, so it should be part of this challenge.

The main file requires Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, and Gun Runners' Arsenal. I have also included each individual perk/challenge change as optional files. Pyromaniac tweaks requires Dead Money, Against All Tyrants and Armed For Bear tweaks require Lonesome Road and Gun Runners' Arsenal, Religious Weapons tweaks requires Gun Runners' Arsenal, and Animal Friend tweaks requires Honest Hears and Old World Blues.

The main file, Religious Weapons tweaks, and Animal Friend tweaks all require JIP NVSE. The main and Religious Weapons files also account for the description change from YUP (which adds A Light Shining in Darkness).