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Injects the Sawed-Off Shotgun and Big Boomer to weapons that Cowboy applies to and changes the description of the perk appropriately. Perk description also changes to accommodate JSawyer Ultimate being installed where it changes the perk's damage increase to 20% from 25%. All done via script with no direct form edits for maximum compatibility.

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I was reading on the wiki about how the Sawed-Off Shotgun has every right to be considered a "cowboy" weapon, but for whatever reason, isn't by the game. I'm aware there's already a mod similar to this on the nexus, however it directly edits the form list for weapons that the Cowboy perk applies to, which is bad for compatibility. It also doesn't change the description of the perk to include Sawed-Off Shotguns.

This mod does all of that with the help of functions from JIP and NVSE via script, so that the original form list isn't overwritten for maximum compatibility, including the perk's description change, which also checks if you have JSawyer Ultimate installed as it changes the damage buff of the perk to 20% from 25%.