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falut niu begas companions ungood, me make mod to companions better

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Companion and Perk Tweaks

All right, this game has been out for over a decade and frankly "all the fish is already sold" like they say in my country, so I'm gonna be QUICK:

  • Life Giver: requires 6 END or 7 CHA and gives +30 max HP to you and companions. It also lowers limb damage to them by 50%, and makes them recover HP when you get hit weighted by your Charisma: from 2% of the damage you receive at 1 CHA, to 20% at 10
  • Ferocious Loyalty: requires 6 CHA or 45 Speech. It now also gives companions effects similar to those of the Pack rat and Run 'n Gun perks
  • Spray and Pray: requires Ferocious Loyalty. It also lowers damage from companions to you and among them (from explosives etc), and increases their attack, reload and equip speed with all weapons (since unfortunately some mod works by removing Agility modifiers from NPCs)

  • Check the Config file to change some of these if they bother you
  • The companions' perks now depend on you being close enough to them. If you get separated or the companion gets knocked out, you'll get notified that the perk is removed, it will be readded when you get close enough
  • Companions' tag skills now try to follow what the companions say, or at least what one can infer from their personality. So no longer is everyone proficient with Melee Weapons just because
  • And also, because I wanted to have all skills covered when using companions to do stuff with JIP CCC
  • Since all companions are setup with a Sneak skill of 100, companions with the Sneak tag skill will ignore enemy DT based on their Critical Chance and have the Silent Running perk effect
  • Companions can use some hidden dialogue when they use a Doctor's Bag (JIP CCC kinda required)
  • Companions can gain the otherwise unavailable effects from chems that use perks on the player: Psycho/Slasher, Yao Guai Meat(s), Steady, Rushing Water (JIP CCC kinda required)
  • When using Psycho, Yao Guai Meat, Rushing Water or Turbo, companions will occasionally scream in Frenzy, for funsies
  • When getting poisoned, companions will occasionally complain about it, though JSU makes them poison immune since it's more of a bother
  • When getting set on fire, companions will scream in agony and fail to do anything until the fire dies out. Very inconvenient
  • God (Dead Money) isn't bothered by fire, but any other companions will pretty much be out of commission while they are on fire. Check the Config file to change this
  • You can have all three companions at once while exploring the Sierra Madre

  • Is gay
  • Tag Skills are: Energy Weapons, Medicine, Science, Big Guns (only companion with that one, just in case)
  • Better Healing perk now also applies to nearby human companions, and to himself: hence it is renamed to "Cura Te Ipsum"

  • Tag skills are: Guns, Sneak, Survival
  • Has +10% critical chance against Legion personnel, +10% critical damage with rifles, and another +10% with scoped weapons
  • Quest reward 1st Recon armors are Medium instead of Heavy
  • Survival armor gives +20% Fire and Energy Resist, Assault armor gives +5% crit chance
  • If he lets go of the hatred, Boone no longer has +10% crit chance against Legion but is no longer bothered by burning alive (some zen shit). If he revels in it, that +10% crit chance is against everyone

  • Is kinda gay
  • Tag skills are: Unarmed, Guns, Explosives, Survival, with a big catch
  • +20% damage bonus when using Unarmed fisticuff weapons (no big gauntlets, etc), when using any shotgun, and when using Guns or Explosives in the Cowboy perk
  • But when using any Unarmed, Guns or Explosives not included in the above, she gets a 50% damage penalty instead
  • Calm Heart now also increases her accuracy somewhat

  • Tag skills are: Guns, Repair, Science, Survival
  • Does -50% damage with Guns other than revolvers and lever action ones 
  • SPECIAL moved from (6 6 4 2 7 8 5) to (4 3 8 2 7 4 10), he's an antediluvian worn out geezer who complains about aches, but very lucky to have survived so long and to have won such a lopsided gunfight
  • -1 to STR requirements of revolvers and lever action weapons, and another -1 with the Old Vaquero perk, so he can hold his .44 Magnum properly
  • If not having the Old Vaquero perk, -25% attack speed and x1.5 spread penalty
  • All his outfits are Light instead of Medium, and his Armored Jumpsuit has a Repair bonus like his plain one

  • Is also gay
  • Tag skills are: Unarmed, Repair, Science, Lockpick
  • Use A True Scribe Assistant to make her perk actually useful instead of a useless copy of ED-E's built in features
  • Hood is now playable and weightless, so you can take it off and put it wherever
  • Now recognizes Vera's outfit as a pretty, pretty dress
  • Strength increased to 8, Agility dropped to 6, she Buff
  • Bonds of Steel reward perk now can make her randomly shrug off all HP damage from an attack

  • Isn't gay
  • You can no longer tell him to go into melee, because he simply can't
  • If upgraded by the BoS, can shrug off damage just like Veronica

  • Psychotic breaks and personal quest outcomes now do a bit more, well, kinda
  • +25% damage in a psychotic break, not cumulative with Psycho
  • These can only happen when hit in combat, last 60 seconds, regenerate some of her HP over 10 seconds and make her unable to have her limbs crippled, but also make her unable to follow commands
  • I considered making her frenzy and go postal, but that was more trouble than what's worth
  • -50% damage and x2 spread penalty with firearms if she doesn't take her meds fully, she doesn't like guns
  • If she takes her meds fully, those disappear, but then she does -40% damage in melee
  • If she keeps taking her meds at half doses, the player can break her out of her psychosis by going into sneak mode with her nearby
  • If she goes off her meds, she gains +30% attack speed

  • Most definitely gay
  • Tag skills are: Energy Weapons, Sneak, Melee Weapons, Science
  • Use Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus so she becomes as overpowered as she claims to be

  • Tag skills are: Explosives, Lockpick, Guns, Survival
  • Now uses his different versions of his 9mm pistol with increased damage as he levels up with you

  • Tag skills are: Melee Weapons, Guns, Sneak, Survival
  • Knows Way of the Canaanite, has x2 crit chance and 1/2 spread with his gun
  • Well-Stacked Cairns buff now lasts for 3 hours and applies to both you and him, can be reapplied by the same sight whenever you want, but only works in exteriors

  • Is a bear killer
  • Tag skills are: Unarmed, Survival, Melee Weapons, Sneak
  • Quiet as the Waters no longer causes a rather useless drop in PER for the White Legs. Instead, it makes both you and her harder to detect by any and all actors when sneaking or swimming (untested, subject to placebo, consult your doctor)

  • Tag skills are: Guns, Repair, Medicine, Explosives
  • Also knows Way of the Canaanite, and you keep the perk after he's gone. Outrageous, I know

  • All companions can benefit from its +20% running speed while sneaking once you upgrade it

And that's kind of it