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Replacements for agility modifiers to reload and draw speed, strength modifiers to throwing range, and custom sneak attack damage multipliers.

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Reload Reloaded

As you may know, Fallout New Vegas introduced some little new features regarding Agility, in the form of it also controlling your weapons' reloading and drawing speed. There's a less known feature of Strength also affecting the throwing distance of some weapons, namely the melee thrown ones. Not grenades oddly enough.
What you might not know is that, in a typical Obsidian fashion, these new features were not very thoroughly QA, even after the final official patch. The main problem is that the calculations to those derived stats these attributes provide were not capped to a minimum nor maximum score. So if for any reason, you have modifiers to your agility or strength that make scripts report them as under 1 or over 10, your reloading speed and throwing distance will be affected accordingly. Something that does not happen with the other derived statistics inherited from Fallout 3, which are correctly calculated between attribute scores of 1 and 10 (bonuses to skills, rad resistance from endurance, carry weight from strength, etc).
The settings which affect these features and their default values are fAgilityReloadBase (5) & fAgilityReloadModifier (0.1) for both weapon reload and draw speed, and fThrowingStrengthPenalty (0.05) for throwing range. With default values, every point of agility under or over 5 provides a 10% modifier to reload and draw speed, and every point of strength over or under the thrown weapon's strength requirement provides a 5% modifier to its projectile speed. So in theory your reload and draw speed would be between 60% and 150% of base depending on agility, but due to the above problem with caps, they can be even higher or lower. In extreme cases, it can even prevent you from drawing or reloading, getting your character stuck in the animation. The throwing speed modifier could even go into negatives, making thrown weapons travel backwards. Extreme, but I've tested it!

This mod provides a scripted replacement for these features using perks, allowing a greater degree of customization with The Mod Configuration Menu. You can now set separate agility modifiers to weapon reload and drawing speed so they don't need to follow the same formula. You can now also make strength affect the throwing speed of grenades and other lobber-type weapons in a similar fashion to thrown spears and other missiles, using their strength requirement as the offset. Finally, I've added customization to the Sneak attack critical multipliers for melee and ranged weapons. In the vanilla game these are always 5x and 2x respectively, regardless of your sneak skill, which I found kinda cheesy. You can now make your score in Sneak also influence them, so only a sneaky character can get the most damage out of them.

Customization with or without TMCM

The file 'Reload Reloaded.esp' provides the main features for this mod, which you can customize:
  • For reload and draw speed, you can specify the agility score used as an offset, the percentage modifier to speed each point after that offset provides, and the minimum and maximum percentage of base speed you can end up with.
  • For throwing range, you can specify the percentage of the projectile's base speed to use as base, the percentage modifier provided by each point of strength after the weapon's strength requirement, and the minimum and maximum percentage of the projectile's base speed you can end up with.
  • For sneak attack multipliers, you can specify the base multiplier to damage, the percentage provided by each point in the sneak skill, and the maximum multiplier you can end up with.

By default I provide some values which will be in use when loading for the first time, or if you don't have the Mod Configuration Menu. There's also an ini file at 'Data/Config/reload Reloaded.ini' if you prefer to customize the mod manually.
Reload and draw speed will use the same vanilla formula, however it will be correctly capped between agility scores of 1 and 10. Throwing range for grenades will use the vanilla formula. Throwing speed for spears and such will however have their base range capped at 50% and their max to 75%. I've always found their throwing range to be completely unrealistic, and halving it seems like a good enough solution. A realistic one would implement drag effects to them, but that's beyond scope. Base sneak damage multiplier for melee and ranged weapons will be x1, with each point in sneak providing a 4% and a 1% damage increase, for a maximum of x5 and x2 respectively.

NOTE: stat calculations are floored to 1, but are still not capped in the upper limit. So this mod can gather your agility is > 10 for example (presumably for accommodating uncapper mods). HOWEVER, what is always capped is the minimum and maximum modifiers you set. For best results, be sure to set them to reasoned values.


You can disable or enable any part of the mod at any time in TMCM. However, note that vanilla behavior for reload and draw speed, or throwing range, is only restored if you disable both relevant parts in the mod. For example, if you use the mod's changes to grenade throwing range, but not to melee throwing range, then grenades will follow the mod's system, but spears and the like will be thrown at 100% speed regardless of your strength.

To implement its features, the mod nulls the settings for fAgilityReloadModifier and fThrowingStrengthPenalty if those features are enabled, regardless of other mods. It also continually monitors and changes the settings fCombatDamageBonusSneakingMult and fCombatDamageBonusMeleeSneakingMult if the feature for sneak attack damage is enabled. General advice is not to use other mods' features doing the same, but I'm not keen on any other than Project Nevada perhaps affecting throwing speed in a similar fashion.

SOMETHING TO CONSIDER: nulling those settings also means NPCs will no longer get bonuses to those derived statistics, since perks can't be added to NPCs. Their agility will no longer affect their reload and draw speed. Personally I don't find that too bad, but you may think otherwise if e.g. a companion of yours counted on that or similar.

Now go out and shoot something!