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This mod makes Veronica's companion perk more useful.

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A true Scribe Assistant!

Veronica's perk revamp

With this mod, while Veronica is your companion you can craft some recipes without skill requirements or even getting better results. These are just small changes, don't expect her to craft mini nukes with cherry bombs.

I like Veronica very much and It makes me sad that with Lonesome Road, ED-E makes her perk useless, so I made this mod for me but hey sharing is caring.

Scribe Assistant gives you:

For all three kinds of energy ammo;
Crafting Over Charge cells now have a 75% output (4 normal cells to make 3 overcharged), without Veronica stays 66%, (3 to make 2).
Crafting Max Charge cells now have a 50% output (6 to make 3), without Veronica stays 40% (5 to make 2).
Crafting Flamer Fuel Homemade have a 25% extra output (from 20 to 25), and costs one Fresh Maize less.
Crafting Repair Kits costs 1 Spare Part less.
Conversion of Fission Batteries to Small Energy Cells have a 20% extra output (from 25 to 30), and you don't need empty cells to make it.
Cells conversion stay the same for balance purposes.

And all recipes above are free of skill requirements while Veronica is with you. And I mean WITH you, best way is to craft through her dialogue, but if she's just near your workbench it'll work too.

Compatibility and Issues

It's a pretty light plugin with mostly recipe records.
It will conflict with mods that change the recipes of energy cells, fuel, weapon repair kit... All above listed, BUT this is hardly a problem because the only thing this plugin does with those records is to hide vanilla recipes while the new ones (Veronica's) are active, preventing you from having double recipes on the list...

So if you have some other cool mod that changes this recipes and don't care about having some double recipes on list, put this mod up on your load order.

Patch for Ammo Crafting Schematics available (thanks to miguick).

Requires Honest Hearts.