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A camera that adapts to all your playing needs. For lovers of the 3rd person view.

Permissions and credits
The concept isn't new. But since none of the mods present here suit me perfectly, I stole was inspired by the best ideas to create mine.

Including awesome features:
  • Adjustable camera for each weapon's type
  • Camera change can be immediate or last for a few seconds, with a smooth transition
  • Ability to change camera only when aiming
  • Swap Shoulder function (custom key or AIM+Change POV combo)
  • Function to disable the small zoom when aiming with a weapon in 3rdPOV and/or in 1stPOV
  • Function to switch to 1st person view when aiming, with crosshair adjuster to keep your target under the crosshair
  • Configurable with MCM and/or INI file
  • Gamepad friendly

Note: if you need to share them, your settings are automatically saved into the following file : config\zebumper\DynamicCamera.ini

Thanks to
roxahris for the DynamiCamera mod.
claustromaniac for the Dynamic Third Person Camera mod.
EPDGaffney for the Aim View Switcher. mod.
RetroNutcase for the Third Person Camera Shoulder Swapping mod.
RoyBatterian for the FOV Slider mod.
and to all of the NVSE functions creators...

All these mods have inspired and/or helped me a lot.