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Fully customizable, modular mod that greatly increases the range of the third-person camera capabilities. Features stance-dependant camera positions, auto-adjusting offsets to preserve your crosshair's functionality, and more!


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This mod will always be free to use.

What is this?
Simply a port of my latest FO3 mod.

Fully customizable third-person camera positions that switch automagically depending on a quite large number of nearly fully customizable factors, including:

Weapon drawn/holstered
Weapon range (melee/ranged)

As of version 3 includes a special fully customizable Shifting camera feature to make the camera slide to the right or left as the character moves in those directions.

Just drop the esp in your Data folder and activate it with a mod manager of your choice.

Upon install, this adds an item called [Dynamic Third Person Camera] to the Apparel section of your pip-boy. Click on it, exit the pip-boy menu and the configuration menu will pop up. The menu itself is pretty self-explanatory, but a note detailing the configuration options is also added upon install.


The NVSE team

See it in action!
The following video briefly showcases the version 2.

Video reviews by misalen (left), and Treaderz (right)

February 27, 2015
After a small hiatus - small for me anyway - I forced myself to make a minor update addressing an issue in the FO3 version of this mod that some people reported. It would cause CTD's under some very particular circumstances when all items were taken away from the player's inventory as part of some quests. Nobody has reported this yet in the FNV version but I imagine some people, specially those using TTW, might wind up in such an unfortunate situation sooner or later. Thus, I uploaded v3.3 which prevents this.

December 9, 2014
The existence of a similar mod was brought to my attention today. Before people start asking how does this one compare to that one:
I checked it out quickly and confirmed that it doesn't recalculate the camera offsets, which means the character will most likely not shoot where the crosshair points at. I guess that would be the main advantage this one has over that one. If anyone can prove me wrong I will be happy to remove this little notice from here.
This one does not support specific weapon types though, so if you're more interested in that feature you should definitely check that one out.