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When you aim from third-person, you are switched automatically into first-person and switched back once you finish aiming. Event-based, no performance hit.

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Just a quick and dirty -- no, wait: I may have been raised Catholic but just this one time, I'm not going to humble myself before the vulgar courts of self effacement, and I'm going to tell you what this mod is. It is a quick and clean mod, purely event-based, with a large number of variables accounted for. The initial mod took a few minutes for keyboard and mouse, but over a week later there's controller support and serious fine-tuning for the entire mod, the latest update being the addition of an MCM menu.

If you're like me and you more or less prefer third-person perspective but are not happy with the way it works in New Vegas or the majority of games developed with this engine or one of its variations, you may have realised that the reason for your disappointment with third-person perspective here is chiefly down to its mishandling of aiming (or you may have another reason but the aiming in third-person is still basically a hæmorrhoid).

What this mod does is it sets events at game launch so that when you press your aim/block button, it checks a few things:
--Are you in first-person?
--Are you in a menu?
--What type of weapon are you using?
--Is your weapon holstered?
--Global variables?

If you are in third person and not in a menu, and pressing your aim/block button has indeed caused you to start aiming a ranged weapon, the game switches you specifically to first-person (as in, it doesn't just toggle whatever you have, but makes sure it's switching to first-person, alleviating hopefully all potential mishaps) and sets a boolean variable to true.

Any time you release your aim/block button, if that bool is set to true, it switches you specifically to third-person and sets the variable to

The variable is never set if you were already in first-person when you started aiming, so it doesn't force you into third-person when you stop aiming unless you were in third-person when you started aiming.

Some more technical stuff:


Controllers are supported. As fully as is possible at the time of writing. I'd consider it a major feature, and absolutely the thing that took the most time (and hair-pulling, and cursing, and fires, and so forth). However, controllers are not supported quite as smoothly as a keyboard & mouse. The most notable problem (for you, not for the person that spent a week shouting at text documents for you) is probably that if your controller is not the primary controlling device for New Vegas when the game launches, this mod can't register it and you will need to ask it (nicely) to do so by opening the Controller Options Menu as described below.

The other problem is that controller functionality is linked directly to the button being pressed rather than the action being performed, so the buttons for aiming and VATS must be selected via the Controller Options Menu (see below), unless the default control scheme (Left Trigger for aiming and Right Bumper for VATS) is the one you're using.

You can use that now. 

Added in version 3.0, the MCM menu for this mod allows you to manage the global variables mentioned below via its UI instead of console commands, and it allows you to open the Controller Options Menu in the same way, rather than the old way of setting the global or holding the buttons at the pause screen.  However, if for whatever reason you have this mod and don't want to download MCM, I'm flattered and all, and you can still use the console to set the global variables to whatever you want as no functionality has been in any way removed.  Still, using MCM is probably easier.

And in case you're unfamiliar with MCM, the Mod Configuration Menu is a widely used, convenient method of allowing players to customise the way a particular mod functions for their game, provided of course the mod author has made such a menu for their mod.  MCM adds a menu to the pause screen, and all mods using MCM will be customisable via said menu.

I've added five global variables to the mod.  These will allow you a fair degree of customisation.  I can add more on request, if/when my time allows. These form the basis of what the mod checks for when deciding whether or not to toggle between first- and third-person perspectives. Their values can be set via the MCM menu or the console.

As of now, the major function I was using for this ignores controllers, so my workaround is to set it to use the Left Trigger by default for aiming and the Right Bumper for VATS.  If you wish to change this, just open this menu. You can do this via MCM if you have that mod installed, use the AVSMenu global variable (see Globals section above), or if your controller has already been detected by the mod, you can do the following:
-Pause the game.
-Hold down all four shoulder buttons (LT, RT, LB, RB).
-Then start holding the Back button (Back Button must be pressed last).
-You'll hear some noises.
-Hold the buttons through the noises until a menu opens.

If using the controller method to open the menu, and the menu never opens and you never hear any noises, you probably didn't have your game set to use your controller when you launched it.  For some reason, it doesn't register the handlers in that case, so as long as your controller is now set to be recognised by the game, you can do one of these things:
  • Use the MCM menu.
  • Set my global variable AVSMenu to 1, and then pause the game.  See Globals above for more information on how that works.
  • Load any save. You can now open this menu via gamepad and AVS will assume default controls (unless your save has AVS data; see next section).
  • Quit and relaunch your game now that it knows to use the gamepad.

Important:  The menu is to tell my mod what gamepad button you wish to use for aiming and VATS.  You still need to set it in the game's pause screen if it's different from what it is when you open this menu.  These two things can be done in any order.

Rudimentally tested, so do report errors, but theoretically, if you save the game and quit whilst using a controller and have my mod working using any button for aiming that isn't the L trigger (and Right Bumper for V.A.T.S.), whereas in previous versions it would have reset to the L trigger and Right Bumper every time the game was launched, from version 1.7 version 2.0 and on, it should now preserve your settings (it kind of only half-worked before 2.0, and didn't account for V.A.T.S. in any way).  Mind you, this refers to the settings for this mod; you still need to make sure your game settings match.

Here is a video of me rescuing Deputy Beagle with this mod installed.  It has funny captions because I had to pee the entire time I was playing.
Note:  This video contains a couple of very minor (in my opinion) bugs tied to checking whether or not the weapon is holstered, and the game still thinking you're in first-person whilst transitioning between first-and third-person views.  These bugs are now completely absent from this mod.


About as simple as it gets.  It's just an ESP file.  Download with a mod manager or just drop it in your Data folder.  This mod can be installed and uninstalled at any time.

It works flawlessly for keyboard and mouse, but there are problems with using a controller.
  1. If you launch the game and it's not set to use your controller by the time you load your save, it will not register the event handler for the controller.  See the Controller Support section above for more information.
  2.  As of now, the major function I was using for this ignores controllers, so my workaround is to set it to use the Left Trigger for aiming and the Right Bumper for VATS by default.  See the Controller Options Menu section above for information on how to change this.

If you are an Xpadder player, please see the stickied post for a problem I don't 100% understand and VolnuttFallout's solution to that problem.

Stuff that I think was fixed but will remain here for reference:

It should be compatible with essentially everything that doesn't do something radical when you aim.  It neither overwrites nor overrides anything; rather, it just simulates you toggling your view in certain situations, in addition to whatever else is going on.

I've discovered that Enhanced Camera and this mod conflict unless AVSScope is set to 0.  It's possible that there are other mods which will conflict in the same way and need that variable set to 0 as well (I currently suspect New Vegas Reloaded to be one of these).  See the Globals section above for more information on globals added by this mod.  This is what the 'Scope Functionality' option in the MCM menu flips on and off.

I've discovered that if you have both Enhanced Camera and Aim View Switcher installed, if you hold F and start to aim...it's weird.  So don't do that.  I don't see much of a reason to fix it, and it would be a bit of a pain as well, but if it really bothers you, I'll try to get to it at some point.

And last, some of the aiming transitions look very very subtly slightly infinitesimally worse with EC and AVS together.  I personally uninstalled EC.  I think EC is great if you like first-person, and this mod is probably the third-person equivalent.  They can be used side by side with almost no real trouble (that I've seen so far), but if you're to committing to third-person, you may want to consider uninstalling EC if you have it.

Not much.  If there are requests or suggestions or bugs, I'll do what I can to accommodate these things.  Besides that, ideally, JIP LN will eventually have an update to one or more functions I was using that will allow me to streamline some of the controller stuff I've done here.  Until then, there's not much to improve.

As of 7 August, I've decided this will not just be synergising with my next major mod but be a part of it.  That mod is called Post-HUD World, a mod which will focus on making it viable and enjoyable to play without a HUD.  Once integrated, this will be called the Aiming Module.  The next thing I plan on releasing will be the Camera Module, which includes a number of customisable improvements to the third-person camera, notably a shoulder-switch button that isn't jarring and which supports controllers.  Once all the modules are complete, I'll release them as one plug-in.