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ACE Lets you craft and breakdown every ammo type in the game. Also has several MCM togglable features such as more ammo types, case/hull crafting, ammo effects rebalance, explosives crafting, new crafting materials, reloading supplies as loot, ammo name formatting, and some more.

Permissions and credits
Mod Summary: ACE allows you to craft and breakdown every pistol/rifle/shotgun caliber ammo, from AP rounds to Pulse Slugs to bean bags to explosives, etc. right out of the box. It also tweaks some vanilla ammo recipes and fixes ammo names for consistency among all other ammo types.
However, ACE can do much more by enabling several optional features such as new ammo types, and crafting/breakdown recipes for explosives with new crafting ingredients, among others, all togglable in the MCM menu.

Crafting & Breakdown Recipes: Rounds previously only obtainable by vendors such as AP, HP, or Bean Bags now have their respective crafting and breakdown recipes. Furthermore, ammo types that previously could only be crafted such as all Hand Loader ammo can now be broken down as well, while Max Charge and Over Charge energy ammo can be downgraded to regular cells/packs. Surplus/Plinking have only breakdown recipes, but these are disabled by default and must be enabled via MCM. In general:

  • HP and AP Rounds require less and more Lead respectively and a higher Repair Skill than that needed to craft regular rounds.
  • .38 Special.44 Special, and .223 Rounds only have breakdown recipes and do not yield cases.
  • Added .22LR Cases and Case Box, .22LR. Case Boxes can be bought from vendors.
  • .22LR and .22LR HP rounds both have crafting and breakdown recipes, those will require and yield .22LR Cases respectively.
  • Added Rubber. Obtainable by breaking down 12 Ga. Bean Bags and from vendors.
  • 12 Ga. Bean Bag recipe requires 30 Rubber instead of Lead.
  • With the Hand Loader perk, you'll also be able to craft and breakdown .50 MG Incendiary, and with GRA also .50 MG Explosive, 12 Ga. Dragon's Breath, 12 Ga. Flechette, and 20 Ga./12 Ga. Pulse Slugs.
Balance & Consistency Changes: As mentioned, several crafting recipes have had their required skill level tweaked, and most breakdown recipes now require a 25 skill level, with special ammo like Pulse or Incendiary being the exception. For consistency, all ammo types have been changed to follow a single naming convention, and all perk tags are consistent through all ammo types. However, the perk tag can be removed in the "Ammo Name Formatting" feature.

    A detailed list of recipe changes:

All of the features below this point are optional and disabled by default. These can be enabled or disabled anytime in MCM.

♠ Ammunition Features ♠
1.- Ammunition Expanded: Implements more ammo variants such as 10mm AP, 5.56mm JSP, .357 Magnum Surplus, among several others. All of them with their respective crafting and breakdown recipes. New Surplus and Plinking ammo, like the vanilla ones, have only breakdown recipes, and only if the respective feature is enabled. Also adds two new non-lethal Rubber rounds.

All new ammo will use vanilla JSP/JHP/JFP/AP/HP/Surplus effects if Ammo Effects Rebalance is disabled, however, I highly recommend using both features together.

List of new ammo types added:

2.- Ammunition Expanded +: Implements more "special" ammo variants such as 5.56mm Incendiary, 45-70 Gov't Pulse, and .308 Explosive, as well as the new Snake Shot and Depleted Uranium variants.

  • Cross Carved Point. Requires only 10 Repair Skill level and no perk to craft. Recipes will only show if you have at least 1 regular round in your inventory. Higher DAM and weapon degradation.
  • .308, .45-70 Gov't, .50 MG Pulse. Requires the Hand Loader perk and Science skill instead of Repair skill.
  • .308, 5.56mm Incendiary. Requires the Hand Loader perk.
  • .308 Explosive. Requires the Hand Loader perk and "Crafting Expanded" feature enabled.
  • .22LR & .357 Mag. Snake Shot. Requires regular ingredients. Releases 8 projectiles instead of 1.
  • .308 & .50 MG Depleted Uranium. Only obtainable from vendors. High armor penetration, burning damage, and a small chance to set the target on fire.

3.- Ammo Effects Rebalance: To reflect the properties of ammo types such as the increased penetration of JFP without as much DAM loss as the JHP, or the slug-like nature of the SWC, and keep a balance between all of the base game and ACE new ammo types, this feature will replace the ammo effects of almost every ammo type excluding only some HP/JHP rounds.

If this feature is left disabled, the new ammo types from "Ammunition Expanded" will use vanilla ammo effects instead. Still, I strongly advise using both features together, as the vanilla features do not always reflect correctly the properties of each ammo type.

Pistol Ammo Effects:

Rifle Ammo Effects:

Shotgun Ammo Effects:

Ammunition Expanded + and Surplus Effects:

4.- Ammo Variants to NPCs: Most NPCs across the wasteland will have a chance to spawn with improved ammo variants, making them that much more dangerous. This will include ACE's new ammo types their respective features are enabled. NAWEMO is still supported and recommended since it allows NPCs to spawn with multiple ammo variants and swap between them depending on the situation they find themselves in. ACE will defer to NAWEMO if it's installed, essentially disabling this feature automatically regardless of how it is set in MCM.

[size=6]♠ Crafting Features ♠

5.- Crafting Expanded:

New Crafting Materials and Recipes: Enables numerous new crafting and breakdown recipes for explosives, cases/hulls, and several new crafting materials. When applicable, some of these new items, like Case Box, 25mm G. are seamlessly integrated into vendors, while others are only obtainable by breaking down other items, such as Brass or Steel, and others can be obtained by both means, like Missile Primers, which can be both obtained by buying primer boxes or by breaking down missiles. Obtention details for all items and recipes are listed in the spoiler tags.
This also replaces ingredients in some recipes to take full advantage of the new materials, for example, .50 MG, Explosive will use RDX Explosive Material instead of Cherry Bombs to craft. The new 12 Ga. High Explosive Slug recipe will also be enabled if "Ammunition Expanded" is enabled.

Case and Hull Crafting: New recipes to make and scrap cases and hulls are enabled. You'll need either a GRA Case Making guide or the Hand Loader perk. There's also an alternative option that is a separate feature on its own and is not dependent on "Crafting Expanded", explained further below.

The guide can be obtained from several vendors, but the Gun Runners vendors have a higher chance of having them in stock. Pistol/rifle ammo cases and shotgun ammo hulls require Brass to craft, while 25mm/40mm G. cases require Aluminum.
With or without the GRA Case Making guide or the Hand Loader perk you'll also be able to scrap and hulls cases back to Brass or Aluminum.

Craft and Breakdown Explosives: You'll be able to craft and breakdown all varieties of Hand Grenades, Mines, Missiles, and 25mm/40mm Grenades. Rockets from the Lonesome Road DLC will also get breakdown recipes and ingredient replacement. 
Mines and hand grenade recipes only require explosives or science skills, but Missiles and 40mm/25mm Grenades will require the Demolition Expert (without GRA) or Mad Bomber (with GRA) perk, and advanced ones such as HE or HV will also require the Hand Loader perk. However, ACE also allows you to disable the Mad Bomber/Demolition Expert perk requirement entirely.

6.- Surplus Breakdown Recipes: Enables breakdown recipes for Surplus and Plinking ammo. These can only be broken down by 10 rounds at a time, don't yield primers because of their corrosive nature, and yield fewer resources overall in comparison to regular rounds.

7.- Alternative Case Crafting - Gun Runners HQ: Allows "placing orders" for case/hull boxes with Isaac at the Gun Runners HQ via dialogue. This will open up a crafting menu where you'll be able to "buy" a minimum of 50 cases of any caliber in exchange for caps, this requires 10 Barter Skill. Of course, since these are "custom orders" this is more expensive than waiting for the boxes to appear in stock.

If "Crafting Expanded" is enabled, you'll have the option to order case boxes for a fee of 1/3 the original price + the raw materials and 25 Barter Skill, but case crafting on reloading benches will be disabled and the GRA Case Making guide won't be available again until the game is launched with this feature disabled.
Do note that, if you had already bought the Case Making guide it'll remain in your PipBoy notes, so if this feature is disabled, you'll still be able to craft cases on reloading benches.

8.- Breakdown Perk Requirement: Breakdown recipes of all Hand Loader ammo types' Hand Loader perk requirement can be removed with this feature.

If "Crafting Expanded" is enabled, breakdown recipes for all 25mm/40mm Grenades and Missiles will not require neither Hand Loader nor the Mad Bomber/Demolition Expert perks.

9.- Mad Bomber/Demolition Expert Perk Requirement: Improved 25mm/40mm Grenades and Missile crafting recipes such as HE, HV, Plasma, etc. will not require the Mad Bomber perk (GRA) or the Demolition Expert perk (without GRA), but the Hand Loader perk requirement will be kept.

To maintain consistency, once the perk requirement is removed the respective perk tag will be removed from the recipe name as well. The recipe "25mm Grenade, HE (Mad Bomber) (Hand Loader)" will be renamed to "25mm Grenade, HE (Hand Loader)" if the requirement is disabled, and so with the rest.

10.- Satchel Charge Recipes: Makes the vanilla recipe more expensive and enables one more recipe with Dynamite as the explosive ingredient instead of Powder as well as increasing its required skill level to 40.

If "Crafting Expanded" is enabled two more recipes are added, each one replacing Powder, one with RDX and the other with Composition B.

♠ Misc Features ♠

11.- Reloading Supplies as Loot: Distributes chanced reloading supplies across the Mojave such as Primer Boxes inside containers where you could also find ammo other than ammunition boxes.

12.- Reloading Supplies as Loot (Empty Containers): Similar to the above, only this feature distributes reloading supplies into containers that normally are always empty by default. Very low chances.

13.- Devil's Load: Renames the vanilla .44 Magnum SWC to JSP but keeps its ammo effects (whether vanilla or ACE's), then enables a new unique .44 Magnum, SWC with -4 DT, *1.45 DAM, and *0.90 SPRD, which is only craftable with the Schematics (which in turn no longer lets you craft the now .44 JSP). The schematics are only obtainable if you know yourself. Or if you see the spoiler.

Actual Spoiler: Schematics

14.- Ammo Name Formatting: You can choose between 4 name formats for almost every ammo type (3 formats in non-GRA versions). Including 25mm/40mm Grenades, Missiles, and Mini Nukes (mostly for the GRA tags removal).

  • Vanilla names (selected by default) only have some consistency fixes (parens, commas, and the like). i.e.: 9mm, JHP (Hand Loader) (GRA)
  • Abbreviated without GRA tags with GRA versions, you can remove only GRA tags and leave perk tags (Hand Loader/Vigilant Recycler). i.e.: 9mm, JHP (Hand Loader)
  • Abbreviated without any tags removes all tags. i.e.: 9mm, JHP
  • Non-abbreviated without any tags removes GRA and perk tags and expands their names. i.e.: 9mm, Jacketed Hollow Point

NAWEMO Support:
NAWEMO, by miguick, is a very good mod that takes ammo variants and distributes them to NPCs all over the Mojave. Better yet, NPCs with ammo variants in their inventories will evaluate their combat situation and swap to the ammo type that better fits it.
ACE detects if this mod is installed and adds the new ammo types (if enabled) such as Pulse, Snake Shot, or Depleted Uranium to NAWEMO's appropriate form lists, giving them a chance to spawn on NPCs and, of course, be used against you too. Totally recommended if you're using Ammunition Expanded and/or Ammunition Expanded +.


Use any mod manager of your preference, or just drop the .rar contents in your data folder.


Avoid using ACE with other mods that change ammo recipes to avoid inconsistencies.
ACE can be compatible with mods that change ammo effectsexplosives recipes,, etc. for example, since those features are optional and independent, and having all features disabled means this mod only makes the consistency changes, adds the recipes for vanilla ammo, and the .22LR Cases & Case Boxes.
Mods that alter ammo names might get overridden if ACE's script runs after theirs, but since I included 4 name formats to choose from I doubt this is a significant issue. With Gun Runners' Arsenal Merged by slippyguy, you should set to 0 bHandLoaderFix, bVigilantRecyclerFix, and bMadBomberFix, since ACE sets the full name instead of only the tags.

♠ Recommended Mods:

NAWEMO by miguick. Supported, distributes ammo variants to NPCs all over the Mojave. The best way to take full advantage of those new ammo types is by putting them at anyone's disposal!.
Ammo Boxes by PushTheWinButton. Helps a lot balancing the Mojave's economy!
JSawyer Ultimate Edition by PushTheWinButton. Numerous tweaks, changes, and additions, based on the mod of FNV's Project Director.
Fallout 4 Survival Mode-Style Damage by Qolore7. +200% DAM to enemies and +150% DAM to the player. It's also a feature in JSUE.
JIP Improved Recipe Menu by jazzisparis. Greatly streamlines the crafting process, a must, more so if you use ACE.
lStewieAl's Tweaks by lStewieAl. An immense amount of engine and gameplay fixes and tweaks.

♠ Some of my other mods
Novac Bungalow - Upgradeable Player HomeCozy and practical.
SIG P226 Pistol. Implements a new pistol to the game, and optionally a new ammo caliber.
Hardcore Customization INI. Provides several ini configuration options for hardcore aspects of the game.
ePath's Mods Stash. A simple page just to stash my personal tweak/survival mods and links to mods I use.

Special thanks to Dubiousintent, Madmongo, and LStewieAL for being so helpful to the community in the forums.
Special thanks to RoyBatty for answering questions about script functions.
Special thanks to Marcurios for answering questions about script functions, and even helping me a lot more afterward.
Special thanks to CleanerBot who kindly offered to work with the TTW Patch creation and testing, the patch finally got made thanks to him.
Special thanks to hman101 for pointing me into the right direction to re-implement the "Ammo Variants to NPCs" feature.