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Meshes and textures that make NVR 2, 3, and BNW females seamless. No more neckseams.

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New Vegas Redesigned (both versions) and their auxiliary, Brave New World, are the best NPC overhauls in my opinion. This mod provides seamless meshes and textures that aim to improve the experience by removing the unsightly neckseams that plague the Mojave Wastelands.

1. If you're new to FNV modding and don't know what "New Vegas Redesigned" and "Brave New World" are, review the original mods linked below, but don't install them. Examine the screenshots:
NVR2: Performance friendly and simple. Not much can go wrong.
NVR3: More elaborate installation process, but better looking characters.
BNW: Dracomies' attempt to match character faces with the voices. Brand new voice recordings.

2. Once you've chosen which one you want, go to the revised editions below and install one. Both contain updates for BNW:
´╗┐NVR2 Revised
NVR3 Revised

3. Download this mod's packages that correspond to what you've installed above. Overwrite the above with the new files you've obtained from here.

4. Download and install TYPE4 - Body and Armors. Make sure that T4-plugin.esp loads after everything from above (or any other mod that could potentially alter vanilla armor and race records).