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A simple Standalone retexture/retooling of Rogue outfit for type 3 Cali, Perfect for everyone's favorite cowgirl, Cass!

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As stated above, a simple standalone retexture/retooling of Paratroopers port of Rogue Outfit for Type 3 Cali designed specifically with Cass and the Fallout: New Vegas world in mind. This is one of my very first retextures! Its a little rough around the edges, but I have enjoyed using it in my personal game, so I thought I would be generous and share here!

This is a standalone retexture and will not effect or conflict with the original mod.
You do not need the original mod for this file to work!

I have provided two files for download, one that replaces Cass's outfit in game (she will be wearing it when you
meet her) and one that does not change her vanilla outfit. Please only choose one file, and be aware that if you have a mod that extensively changes Cass's outfit, this mod will likely be incompatible with it.

The original FNV port by Paratrooper requires BNB Compatibility skeleton or else it -will not work properly.- If you get the infini-boob glitch on this outfit, that is where its coming from!!!! Please be sure it is properly installed before installing this mod or leaving a comment. Here is another compatibility skeleton that also works with this file, and the one I personally use. The Skeleton

enjoy! please share some screenshots with me, I love to see my work in peoples games! It motivates me to release more of what I have made for this and other games :)

- Dala

Download it using NMM, or manually by unpacking the folder and dropping the data content into your fallout: new vegas game directory, be sure to enable the file before launching the game.

The outfit can be found in a silver briefcase, located under the Goodsprings water tower. Check the images of this file for the location.


1.) Will You be releasing the hat with hair pictured in the screenshots?
The mystery of the wigs has been solved, and for now, These are just for screen shots! :)
2.) Will you release a non-bnb version of this mod?
I have no future plans to release a non-bnb version of this mod. Use one of the compatibility skeletons I have linked you too

Recommended but not required
-Known Bugs/conflicts-
  • This file is BNB. As stated above, If you do not have BNB, or some kind of compatibility skeleton installed, you will get the infini-boob effect, and you cant say you weren't warned!
  • There is a wee bit of clipping with the bands on the whiskey flask around the boot. I may fix this in the future. No promises. I may not.
  • If you have replaced casses outfit with something else, or have a mod that extensively changes Cass (specifically in regard to her outfit) then the replacer version of the file may conflict with that. The replacer version replaces casses in game outfit with the one from this mod
  • This is a really old retexture project of mine, under certain light ive found the shorts look kind of plasticy, and the garter has a weird shading too it I havent been able to fix. i think it has something to do with the normal maps. I'll replace them once they get fixed!
    Should be fixed as of the newest update thanks to zzjay

(Copied and pasted here from the original mod)
You have permission for public mods that can be found and downloaded by anyone or for strictly private use limited to yourself.
Under no circumstances do I agree with any parts of my mods being used for private releases or limited releases.
I don't want to be responsible, even indirectly, for other people wasting hours at a time, desperately searching
for a mod that might not even exist on the internet.

You may use the textures I have created for this file in your mod, to improve upon them, change them, or including them in your work. I merely ask you credit me if you choose to do this.

  • Paratrooper for porting this mod from oblivion to fallout: New Vegas
  • Alecu aka Cold Blood for creating the Rogue Armor outfit for Oblivion
  • Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion and New Vegas.
  • Thanks to kjkirimi for ideas and concept.
  • Thanks to Gizmodian for ideas and concept.
  • Thank you toreveccamorikava, ThatMrSmile and 7thNighthawk for extensive testing
  • Thanks again to 7thNighthawk for the additional gorgeous screen shots showcasing the outfit on the Fallout: New Vegas Redesigned Cass
  • Thank you to zzjay for correcting the normal map upon release, and basically teaching me how to make textures!

-Recommended Mods-
  • The gloves she is wearing in the screen shot come from Lady Outfit for Type 3 by Fizz and are not included in this mod
  • The facial preset Cass is using in my screen shots is Female face preset
  • The hat she is wearing comes from a sackful of hats but this mod does not have her hair.
  • the ENB I use for my game that is shown in my screenshots is Chromatic Melancholy for ENB be warned that this enb setting has extremely vivid colors, (which is my preference overall tbh) I've noticed black hair looks blue under the direct sunlight. That can be fixed in ENB settings though, or playing around with hair color sliders.
  • Fallout: New Vegas Redesigned Is what is used for Cass in the additional screen shots and my header image