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A Multi purpose Skeleton Containing most Additions and Fixes on the NPC Skeleton

Permissions and credits
This File contains a Modified Skeleton for several of the Popular mods and a bit more.
There also is a Version for Fallout 3 now - but it really is just the .esm that is different.
The skeleton is now finished, but might have a few bugs (as listed under bugs).

This Skeleton combines a lot of things, so it might fix a lot of issues people have when they want to play a Mod, which uses extra bones or animation.

It basically adds this:
- Scaling: Now you can rescale your character with Malos Body Resizing Mod
- FAFF Head Animations used by the Groovatron - FAFF by Axepriest
- complete Overhaul of the NPC Ragdoll: With special thanks to KiCHo666 of Ragdoll Overhaul who contributed the values.
- Havoked Penis: Play with the junk you find on a male raider!
- Havoked Breasts: Milk jugs can now be juggled!
- Skirt bones: Add Skirts and Kilts to these bones and then lift them (Animations not (yet) included)!
- Nightvision Google Bones: as seen in Alexscorpions Nightvision Googles
- Havoked Tail: Now them Demons and Furries can shake their tails.
- Ears: Furry Ears can now move!
- Wings: Your karma is always "very good" and you want the animated angel wings to show it? Now you can actually FLAP them!
- More Toes: Bip01 R/L Toe2 and Bip01 R/L Toe2 provide additional animation possibilities for the toes.

What you can expect from this Skeleton:
- compability between most mods that change the NPC skeleton
- support for Bouncing Breast animations (like from BnB)
- more realistic Ragdolls
- additional Ragdoll functionality

What the Skeleton can (unfortunately) not do (yet):
- Add Bouncing breast physics while the NPC is alive

First Person Skeleton
Third Person Skeleton
custom mtidle.kf - needed to run the FAFF part of the mod correctly - check that you have this one if you got problems with your head animations.
custom sneakmtidle.kf - includes a bit of movement for the tail.

Dumping the data folder in your fallout folder (<Steam Folder>\SteamApps\common\Fallout New Vegas) should result in a proper install.
If you want to use the fix for the dead people you have to choose one of the .esm files from either the Vanilla, NVEC or NVR3 Folders, depending on which of these mods you have.
You can only have one .esm at the time, use the version for all DLCs if you have them.

Find and Remove the Files from your Data folder or use FOMM

Known Conflicts:
Obviously any Skeleton that also replaces the standard NPC / first person Skeleton.
If you run the quick fix for the Corpses you will encounter conflicts with any cell that has a dead NPC lying around.

Known Bugs:
Havok problems:
Tail and penis may clip into the body on death.
The Dead NPCs might be weirdly placed in game and the GECK - FIXED with version 1.1.0

The ideas from several people have been combined in this Skeleton and so Credit is due where it belongs.
While I have not taken their resources I did copy their Idea - and because of that - I will also credit them.

Additional Facial Expressions
- FAFF by Axepriest
Body Resizing Bones
- Malos Body Resizing Mod
Added Breast, Penis and Vagina Bones for FO3/NV
- Probably first shown in FO3 Biped Animation Kit by Breeze
Tongue Bones
- Body Extender by RSV (no longer on the nexus)
Nightvision Google - Bones

- Alexscorpions Nightvision Googles
Better Ragdoll
- Ragdoll Overhaul by KiCHo666

- Fallout2AM - added a 1.1.2 version which is compatible with Xilandro's Diagonal Movement. See details below, written in THIS COLOR
All credits to Cahir Mawr Dyffryn who find the time and will to see where I disappeared, contact me and then try the patch.

- Fallout2AM - added optional file HAVOK BOUNCE: check my coloured description on bottom of the page please

Version 1.1.1:
- Added DLCs - select either the all in one or any single DLC (and merge them, if you know how to).
- Added Patches for NVEC Complete and NVEC Complete + NVCE (http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/44204) All DLC's needed anyhow.
- Added Patches for New Vegas Redesigned 3 by Request (http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/56312) - select either the all in one or any single DLC (and merge them, if you know how to).

Version 1.1.0:
- Some more cleaning on the Havok Bones
- Added .esm to fix the Vanilla Corpses in the base games - no DLC support yet.

Version 1.0.1:
- Added mtidle.kf to support FAFF again.
- Added sneakmtidle.kf to make the tail animation less weird looking while sneaking.

Version 1.0.0: First release

Please notice:
I'd like to have only one version of this skeleton in the net, as I saw that there where so many different versions in Oblivion.
You should just link to this file, if it is needed in your mod - this way the downloaders will always get the latest version of the skeleton.

I won't hinder you at doing so however - It's just better practice to have one central spot for everything =)

But if you have a idea which needs a new kind of bone, tell me and I might change/add it for you in the next release.

VERSION 1.1.2 (optional) - Fallout2AM
This small update makes Xilandro's Diagonal Movement compatible. However, I did decide to make a small change in handling the possible new versions, and I'd love to spend  a couple of words.
From 1.1.2, new versions will be standalone (doesn't require previous ones) and should be good in installing with a mod manager too, will lack the various sub-folders for compatibility because they all will rely on the Havok Bouncer (from here or Kicho666's Ragdolls page, that's the same) to correct the distortion of corpses.
In short:
- Install skeleton 1.1.2+ (manual or mod manager)
- Install a havok bouncer (manual or mod manager, from here or Ragdoll's page, YOU ONLY NEED ONE)
- You should be fine.

HAVOK BOUNCE (optional) - Fallout2AM
It's a very small script that can be used INSTEAD of the TheSkeleton-CorpseFix.ESM
- It doesn't modify any vanilla ID
- It solves the "raising dead" glitch on corpses from mods too
- It works at runtime, so it's slower to start: it requires about 1-2 seconds to poke every corpse everytime you change cell. The performance hit on the game is minimum, almost unnoticiable.

I did a small video that shows how it works in game.

- NVSE 4.5+

Unpack the content inside Data, or use a mod manager. It's a single file, so to uninstall it you simply delete the esp.
The first time you go in game, it must be ACTIVATED in MCM, because is DEACTIVATED BY DEFAULT.
Remember: use this one OR Deedes' Skeleton-Corpses Fix, not both. While it won't cause troubles, it will create an additional work for your system that could be avoided.

It's a simple scanner, whose frequency can be configured on the MCM. Everytime there's a cell change, it scans with depth 1 for corpses and fills an array. Later, it will walk the array in gamemode (frequency configurable via MCM, under the voice "smoothness") and will poke every raised corpse, so that it will bounce back on the ground. The impact should be very minimal on your system, however I would love feedbacks.

I can't think to any possible incompatibility right now.