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Astymma w Credit To BnB-BE-FAFF-NVG teams

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BnB BodyExtender Compatability Skeleton now with FAFF and NVG

Permissions and credits
BnB BodyExtender Compatability Skeleton 1.20
This skeleton combines the bones from the BnB skeleton and the Body extender skeletons and
now also includes facial animations from FAFF and Alex Scorpion's NVG goggles support. See
links below.

I have obtained permission to use the BnB skeleton in a compatability skeleton release. The
Body Extender skeleton is "use with credit" permissions. FAFF is free to use permissions. I
followed Alex Scorpion's request for permission and according to his policy, if he did not
get back to me in 2 weeks I was free to go ahead. He did not respond and I gave him much more
than 2 weeks. I will, of course, remove support for his mod upon request. Full credits can be
found at the bottom of this description.

Original Mods:
BnB = http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=35047
BE = http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=41793
FAFF = http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=6709
NV FAFF = http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=43386
AS NVG = http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=36617

What this skeleton does is combine all the bones from both skeletons into one compatability
skeleton that allows you to use either body and either sets of animations in the same install
without having to swap skeletons in and out. This is a modder's resource for two reasons:
1. It will require a modder's support to enable multiple body switching.
2. This mod assumes you know how skeletons, body meshes and animations function at the core level.

The file includes the following:

When installing this skeleton, PLEASE make a backup of your original skeleton.nif files in
BOTH locations, _male and _1stperson.

In case you didn't see that...

When installing this skeleton, PLEASE make a backup of your original skeleton.nif files in
BOTH locations, _male and _1stperson.

Alex Scorpion's NVG Mod Credits
Alex Scorpion
thanks to NVSE team for the NVSE
Thanks to knivesomara for the new sound effect
Thanks to Niftools Team for the plugins
thanks to Mr.Slackpants for the NVG script.
Thanks to Saiden Storm for explaining the proper animation import from 3ds max to fallout and some

other tips.
Thanks to Cipscis for creating a delay timer.
thanks to Skykappa for the usefull tips.
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Fallout NV
Thanks to LHammonds for ReadMe Generator this readme is based on.
thanks to the Nexus for providing a non-stop support for the mods.
Tools Used:

7-Zip - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15579
3D Studio Max - http://www.autodesk.com/3dsmax
NIFSkope - http://niftools.sourceforge.net/wiki/NifSkope
Photoshop - http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/

You must contact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging any part of
this mod. If I do not respond within 2 weeks, feel free to do whatever you
like with this mod.

NOTE: See Alex Scorpion's NVG page for current information.

FAFF File Credits
Axepriest for FAFF
Bethesda for the game
Backsteppo and Umpa for their poses
The creators of Niftools (This was all done with Nifskope)

BNB File credits
Bethesda/ObsidianFor creating the new Fallout games!
ThaumxPrimary AuthorBody mesh design, armor mesh conversions, texture conversion, readme file, Old Lady Sanitizer , .esp/GECK work, and general other stuff.
MkageyamaPrimary AuthorBreast bone skeleton integration, animation files, bigger breasts armors/body conversion.
The NexusFor giving us mod authors a place to distribute our mods and learn from each other
2pac4eva7Inspiration and original armor replacer for the Type3BB Body
BlackBlossomGreat original body texture, and permission to modify the texture to fit the BNB body and distribute it.
BreezeFor the original skeleton with breast bones
Dimon99For creating the original Type3 body on which framework the BNB body was built.
Backsteppo - for fixing the gigantic man shoulders
kiwi82mx for work on improving normal mapping
Edhildil- for being cool
Falridorian for the Type3 Dante coat mesh.
Selene310187 and ShokkiiMonkii for the original OB Dante mesh.
Draz for the cheerleader shorts mesh.
Dimon99 for the Type3 body, and clothing resources.
Tona for the original meshes used by Hentai
Bronson -persona and secret
Exnem and Bronson for the bra mesh.
Kendo2 for the Brown Leather textures
XunAmarox for the Snake and Croc skin textures
Hentai for the boots and the small "bow" mesh on the bra
Exnem for the shoulder pad mesh
Exnem - i used a lot of his meshes
NPR - i used some of his meshes and textures
KORANA - Cowgirl outfit
Taylorsd and Cethagus for the Theives Tool Belt.
to Ozmo for the boots, and lower boot straps.
RGM for the upper boot strap, belt, and vest
NPR/Raiar for the top & fringe, gloves, panty, and scarf
Growlf for the belt buckle
Wilgarth for the chaps
Bronson - bikini armor
backsteppo - pe dress
FansFor inspiring me to keep working on the mod despite my hectic schedule.
Changes from BoG texture as part of the permission to use:
Nipple/breast modification. Due to the larger amount of mesh surface in the BB models, nipples are very stretched/large with the standard texture set. Because the BoG nipples are larger than type3 standard, stretching is even more noticeable, and some distortion occurs.
the breast area has been altered to compress the texture in the expanded area, making the nipples smaller. in addition, nipple location may be slightly tweaked for positioning. Some mole/freckles have been removed near the breast/chest area to prevent
stretched/oblong shapes.

PLEASE SEE BNB README for most up-to-date credits

File credits
AlienSlof - Slof's boners,
Backsteppo, Dimon99 - female body replacer Type3,
JoshNZ - Tutor for facial animation in FO3
Mr.Cellophane - Anims tutors and materials,
Robert, Sickleyield, FavoredSoul - male body replacer,
Tazpn - kf updater.

PLEASE SEE BODY EXTENDER README/THREAD for most up-to-date credits