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Adds a proud stance for when using power armor or another that uses the \"has backpack\" flag.

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Name: Heroic Power Armor Idle Stance
Version: 1.0
Date: 6/12/11
Category: Animation
Author(s): Rocket

A custom stance for when you're wearing power armor or any armor that has the "has backpack"
checkbox checked in the GECK.

Also added is a version that overwrites the normal idle as well. However, bear in mind that this affects EVERYBODY in the game.

I tried to make a proud stance idle that says, "I mean business and have the stones to back it up"
while still looking fairly relaxed for regular use. While it's not the absolute best, I am pretty happy with
the way it turned out.

This stance only affects armor that is flagged as power armor or amor that is flagged as "has

As far as I can tell, this doesn't conflict with other animations in any way. I've put it through extensive testing.

Even so, there's always that chance something is still wrong. If I missed anything, as always, let me know.

Drop the Meshes folder into your data folder. Merge as prompted.

Delete the "pamtidle.nif". Hopefully you like it enough this won't be necessary. ^__^

Known Issues or Bugs
No issues to date. If anyone finds anything,
please let me know.

Tools Used

Feel free to use this however you see fit. All I
ask is for proper credit.