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an FPGE mod that nukes the wasteland if the player doesn't beat Lonesome Road.

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After doing a few playthroughs of FPGE, I noticed that the only DLC that doesn't make sense at all after the battle is Lonesome Road, The second battle is constantly brought up between the player and Ulysses. Unlike the other DLCs where the battle is rarely talked about or is glossed over.

But just disabling the door would be too boring, so I made it that if you fail to complete the quest before the second battle of hoover dam all LR quests will fail and the nukes will fire when you try to return.

The faction that is nuked is dependent on who the player sides with, if they join the legion their route gets nuked, otherwise it will be the NCR route in order to fuck over a free/NCR state.

You can still explore whatever routes that open up from the bombing, allowing the player to gain some LR content post-game.

Thanks to Kazo who helped me make the script and for his work on FPGE.