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Configurable enemy-seeking that works for any ammo type and for anyone.

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By default, this only adds homing capability to the base game's missiles and rockets and some plasma projectiles. Works for the player and NPCs. Ignores neutrals and allies of the shooter. Only the live projectiles' flight path is adjusted. Their attributes are unchanged and so are still linked to the shooter for aggro, stat & perk bonuses, and in case of the player, xp gains. Beyond that, this mod opens up the possibility to have the feature on any weapon or ammo.

Configurable with an ini file or via MCM (optional).

Requires NVSE & JIP LN Plugin.

For modders:
Any ammo type or projectile type found in certain Form Lists will be given homing capability, provided that the projectile's type is "missile" in GECK. Giving your custom made ammo optional homing capability, without direct dependency on this mod, can be done using the following code snippet:

ref YHPSListAmmoRef
if IsModLoaded "HomingProjectiles.esm"
let YHPSListAmmoRef := GetFormFromMod "HomingProjectiles.esm" "DBC"
ListAddForm YHPSListAmmoRef MyAmmoType

For custom projectiles, use "DBD" instead of "DBC" and change the variable names accordingly.
The ammo and projectile lists will be checked for new entries from 3 to 18 seconds after load.

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