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Makes melee attacks hit multiple enemies for a more satisfying melee gameplay. How it'll be in Obsidian's Outer Worlds and has always been in the Souls series.

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In the base game, melee attacks can only hit one enemy at a time. This mod makes it so that melee attacks hit all enemies inside a configurable arc in front of the attacker. By default, the arc has the same maximum reach as the weapon does. Criticals are calculated and applied individually for each target, along with effects, VATS and sneaking bonuses when applicable. For the player, the arc ignores companions and friendlies unless you hit them on purpose or if they are the primary target. For the NPCs, it ignores their allies when they swing at you or their foes.

Written with performance in mind. Lightweight and highly compartmentalized, with options for better calculations on more powerful PCs. Completely self-contained, leaves nothing behind once uninstalled.

Configurable with a standalone ini file or via MCM (optional).
Requires NVSE & JIP LN Plugin.

A short gif of it in action: imgur.com/egfjwUC

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