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A multi-purpose, powerful energy rifle that alters itself in various ways with different ammo types, complete with a quest to obtain and immerse it. Optional New California support.

Permissions and credits
A few seconds demo clip, slightly outdated: https://i.imgur.com/k3HSUF6.mp4

A nerfed pistol version can spawn on enemies & vendors. All versions have mods. Have non-vanilla sounds including death screams.

Ammo types: Ammo choice is persistent during play.
+ High Frequency: shoots an arching ball of energy that explodes twice or more. Sucks in hostiles before exploding again. Radius and damage are range-calculated. Almost harmless in close quarter. Very lethal at range. Spawns child-explosions on living targets.
+ Focus Beam: shoots a long-range beam of energy. Silent with weapon mod.
+ Ionic Scrambler: knocks down hostiles in front of the player. Ignores companions and neutrals.
+ Standard: shoots a fast ball of energy that does extra limb damage and optionally seeks out enemies.

Weapon mods:
+ Supercharger Coil: ammo regen+, ammo capacity+, reduces noise (3-in-1, both main weapons).
+ Crossfire Optics Scope: increases zoom (rifle only).
+ Beam Splitter: adds 1 extra Focus Beam, reduces damage and zoom level (rifle only).
+ Charger Coil: free ammo every few shots (nerfed pistol only).


The quest starts by picking up a damaged holotape in Nevada Highway Patrol Station. It only has the pistol's recipe intact, which so far has helped spreading the pistol use in the Mojave. Your quest is to collect the missing pieces. Randomly obtaining any part of the objectives will also start the quest. All objectives have strong nearby enemies so be prepared.

Quest rewards: 650xp total and a perk, plus all items and recipes.

+ Base game.
+ NVSE & JIP LN Plugin.

Assets from EVE with direct consent from weijiesen. Also from Murdelizer, THOR indirectly.

My other mods:
+ Homing Projectiles
+ Melee Cleave (Sweep)
+ Universal Ammo
+ Ultimate Unarmed and Melee Perks Tweaks
+ Lootable Necklaces for DNC