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Adds Joshua Graham as a fully voiced permanent companion in an immersive and seamless way.

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This mod adds Joshua Graham, The Burned Man, as a permanent companion into the game as immersively and seamlessly as possible. After completing Honest Hearts, regardless of which ending you chose, Joshua will be at the Dead Horses camp. Initially Joshua will refuse to travel with you, but you can convince him to travel with you if you fulfil any one of the following: 
-Either your speech or survival skills are at 50 points or more
-You are significantly disliked by Caesar's Legion
-You have at least Good karma
-You have killed Caesar
When you dismiss him, he will return to the Dead Horses Camp, or the Lucky 38 Suite, if the player has unlocked it. Joshua Is fully-voiced with all of his follower and combat dialogue, as well as dialogue asking him about Zion, the new canaanites and himself, and can also repair your gear; I used as much dialogue as I could that would make sense after completing Honest Hearts. This mod is compatible with, but does not require, Authentic Burned Man, as well as any other mods that change Joshua's appearance. Having Joshua as your follower grants you the Way Of The Canaanite perk, meaning that any .45 auto pistol has half the spread and is twice as likely to score a critical hit, however having him in your party also makes any members of Caesar's Legion attack you both on sight.

Permissions- Use this however you want, I don't really care as long as you ask for permission first.

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