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A fully-voiced quest mod with over 1200 lines of dialogue, a new worldspace, a handful of quests, a functional male companion, LOTS of food and more!

Permissions and credits

Thanks for the hot files and the File of the Month - May 2015 guys, you rock!

Welcome, everybody! Today I bring you a rather big mod I have been working on since September 2014, featuring a fully-voiced male companion, a new worldspace, several quests, a new radio station, a bunch of new weapons, a lot (and I mean A LOT) of new foods, several new pieces of apparel, some sweet collectibles and more!

The file has been cleaned with FNVEDIT, requires Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, a high Science skill for hacking (+50), is thoroughly navmeshed and has been turned into an .esm to avoid issues, so it should be safe for everybody to use. Still, you should always make a backup save before installing ANY mod, in case something goes wrong.

The mod has already been run through FNVEDIT, so don't do it again or you will break it. Installing New Vegas Anti Crash and MGs Neat Clutter Retextures (for the meterbox retexture) is strongly recommended.

WARNING: This mod uses Imagespace Modifiers for fade-to-black scenes and some other effects. If you use an ENB these will not work as intended. You've been warned with this warning I just gave you.

Boom to the Moon follows the adventures of Anaximander (you can call him "Max"), a young man who needs help finding out what has happened to his wife. There may be a rocket and spacesuits involved. Things will probably balloon from there.

My here mod features over 1200 lines of completely lip-synched and entirely animated dialogue! Man, I remember when I thought that a week was a long time to work on something... Keep in mind that, as with any other mod, this may kill your cat, kick your dog, make your girlfriend to run off with your best friend, eat all the snacks in the fridge and set your computer on fire. Or it may corrupt your save, I guess. You've been warned. 

Something I put a lot of effort on was to have several branching options throughout. Some crucial choices the player will make will seal Anaximander's fate, the obtainable rewards, and the availability of further quests. If you play your cards right, you will have access to 9 short and sweet [citation needed] new adventures, or 10 if you have the Wild Wasteland perk. All are carefully scripted, fully voiced (either by my plucky band of ragtag voice actors, by reusing vanilla voice lines, or through text and messages in creative ways), and feature new dungeons with unique loot.

The mod adds a new reputation faction, "Anaximander and O'Toole". Several dialogue options throughout the mod will let you increase or decrease your reputation, and this will also be affected by the regular evil player actions such as stealing. Greetings will change depending on your rep and a couple of quests and options will only be available if Anaximander and O'Toole like you enough.

All containers in the mod are safe for storage and will not respawn. I went all out and made copies of everything, with unique IDs, to make sure they are not affected by mods that make containers respawn, as I'm sure I've seen some around somewhere.

AlChestBreach has done a great playthrough of the mod, too - you can watch the first part below. A complete playlist can be found here.


A meterbox/terminal has been placed behind Anaximander's home. At the beginning there won't be much, but choices will show up as you make progress on the mod. Here you can enable or disable developer commentary (this will activate some terminals in my new cells with my insane ramblings), remove perks and notes, manage the quest item status of certain items that may cause trouble, and some more useful options. You will be able to set Anaximander's essential or killable status here as well, once you've completed "A Decent Proposal".

== QUESTS ==

A very brief overview of the quests is below. A complete walkthrough is available as a download, and can also be read in the Readme tab.

  • "Boom to the Moon!": The main quest. Anaximander is worried about Agnessa, his beloved, and needs your help. This quest has three different possible results, each with a unique reward and consequences depending on what you decide to tell him when you come back.
  • "The Search for Class": O'Toole dreams of high-class elegance and refinement. Will you help him get what he needs?
  • "Mr. Pokeylope's Quest For Love": Someone wants to find a new sweetheart. Could love be flourishing in the desert, after all?
  • Unmarked Quest - "Boolean's Big Rescue": Save the damsel creature individual THING in distress and become the hero of the day!
  • "Operation Snellen": Despite his injuries, Anaximander can still see. He, however, needs your help so he can make the most out of his good eye.
  • "Follow Your Dreams!" (Wild Wasteland only): Oversized snacks somewhere in the Mojave? Is this real life, or is it just fantasy?
  • "Truck Pick-Up": Go on a hunt for toys, get paid, and learn a bit about Anaximander's past in the process.
  • Unmarked Quest - "Chip Tampering": Play technician, play doctor, or play it safe. Consequences are serious on this one.
  • "Back to Vault 138": Several ways to proceed on this quest that will take you to the place that started it all. Think carefully before you decide what to do, as the repercussions can be dire if you make the wrong choice.
  • "A Decent Proposal": You have gone through a lot together, so Anaximander has cooked up a simple, safe and legal scheme that will bring you some income. No danger of being shot in the face, too. What's not to like?

Sorry, ladies and gentlemen - no romance subplot is available. He is married


You can plant a flag in either Terras Irradient, or on earth by the rocket. You will only get one flag to put up, so choose carefully! A folded flag can be found inside the sack of supplies outside Anaximander's home, by the locker under the side porch. WIth it in your inventory, activate the flag stand that can be found at either location (check the image gallery for pictures), and feel proud! You will get a small XP reward for planting the flag at your desired location.

If you want more than one flag or don't have access to the sack for whatever reason, enter "Player.AddItem XX026374 1" into the console to get one. Change XX to the mod's load order number.

By default, the texture is a clean version of the pre-war American flag. If you want to customize the flag to suit your faction of choice, I recommend you take a look at leonn3k's Nipton Rebuilt - Flag Pack, as I decided to take advantage of the great work he did for Nipton. I borrowed the default pre-war flag from there. Thank you again, leonn3k!

To replace the default pre-war flag, download Nipton Rebuilt - Flag Pack, extract it somewhere and choose a flag texture. Rename it to "MoonFlag.dds" and copy it to  "Data/Textures/_Moon/Flag/". You will have to create the folders manually. Launch the game, and if you did it correctly, the new flag will show up. If you want to go back to the original pre-war flag, simply delete "MoonFlag.dds"

Kudos if you bring the orange and blue Nipton flag to space, haha! 


Anaximander can become a merchant with a decent assortment of goods, including many of the unique consumables added by the mod. His repair skill starts at 85 and will vary depending on his current location and completion of certain quests: it can be bumped to 100 while he is at his place. If he is on the move with you it will be 75, and if he is living somewhere new away from his supplies (basically any house you set up for him with the custom home marker option) it will be 80.

He won't be able to offer merchant services while he's not at his home, so if you need to trade talk to O'Toole instead. Both share the same merchant inventory. O'Toole won't be able to repair equipment, but he can give you a haircut for 15 caps and change your Pip-Boy style once you get the option through Anaximander's dialogue (you will be able to choose between the vanilla version and the unique Nuka-Cola Pip-Boy). You will keep the merchant discount when trading with Anaximander and O'Toole no matter what your reputation with them is.

Additionally, once you complete all the quests (and if you have a good rep), there is a small chance Anaximander may have a little gift for you next time you talk to him.


Eventually, if you manage not to make a mess of things, Anaximander will be available as a fully-fledged companion as well, with a completely functional companion wheel. He will level up with you. Some of his unique capabilities are below and will become available at different points during his quests. Most of these will be accessible through his "now that we're out together, let's talk about something" dialogue option; a few will appear in his "have you got a minute?" option and his tactics menu instead.

  • Anaximander does not care about your faction, your karma or your past. He likes headwraps, Nuka-Cola, iguanas on a stick, and just wants to be friends. So, if you have a bad reputation with him, he won't come along; otherwise, he's up for anything!
  • He has his own combat class, with Energy Weapons, Unarmed and Melee as tag skills. His follower perk, Anti-Gravity Tech, will give you +25% chance to critically hit enemies with all plasma weapons and an increased chance to recover drained energy weapon ammunition.
  • His unique weapon, the Binary Backburner plasma rifle, can only be taken if Anaximander dies. It uses two ammo per shot and has a very small knock-back effect. Since it's basically a giant glowing stick, it will reduce the player's sneak skill by 5 when equipped. To compensate, however, it will increase critical chance by 5%.
  • Anaximander has been given a stripped-down version of the Meltdown perk that will only apply if he has the Binary Backburner equipped. When he shoots an enemy with it, besides the knock-down, there is a 25% chance a small plasma explosion will spawn at the target's location. Unlike the regular Meltdown perk, this explosion will not cause a chain reaction.
  • His "wait here" option has been replaced with three different choices - to stand guard (he will keep his weapon out), relax (he'll sandbox around a bit), or sleep (he will look for a bed to lay on). The companion wheel will default him to guard.
  • When hired, he will regain health if told to sleep, or while the player sleeps. He will also stay in sneak mode if you talk to him while stealthing.
  • The buffs from the Ferocious Loyalty perk will all be applied.
  • Once a day, if you take Anaximander to the Silver Rush in Freeside, he will have a dialogue option to relax and look around the shop. There's a 50% chance that he may find something interesting to buy. If he did grab something, he will show you his purchases when asked, and the items will be added to his regular inventory when you ask him to come along again.
  • A radio (found in apparel) will be given to you when you first offer him to come along. This radio will allow you to teleport Anaximander to you if he gets lost and will reset his variables if he is behaving erratically. You can also travel to him if you're curious about where he went - use that option wisely. You may never know...
  • Set up a custom home marker for him. Keep in mind his repair and merchant services will be affected by where he goes when fired. The option to fire him to his default home and to the Lucky 38 (once it is available) will remain.
  • You can cook, craft and repair if he has the correct items in his inventory: his Binary Backburner for the campfire menu, a bullet puller for the reloading bench menu, a hammer plus wrench for the workbench menu, and wonderglue plus duct tape for the repair merchant menu.
  • He has an additional container accessible as long as he has his backpack equipped. He will not take or equip anything you put here.
  • Ask him to turn his Pip-Boy light on or off (he does not like the dark), or play some music. His Pip-Boy can tune into Radio New Vegas, Mojave Music Radio, Black Mountain Radio, the Mysterious Broadcast from Old World Blues, and Terras irradient radio if it's available.
  • You can play caravan with him whether he has been hired or not; he has his very own Tops-themed deck.
  • If he has at least one stimpak, he will heal himself and remove poison effects automatically in combat; he can also be told to heal himself through dialogue. Custom animation included.
  • Get him to chatter randomly while adventuring together, or tell him to shut his yap. He will occasionally comment on many things if this is enabled, including your current location, his random thoughts, and the weather. Because who doesn't like to chat about the weather?
  • Have him equip weapons and sit down when you do. Remember, he has a back injury, so treat him kindly! (This is not just for roleplay - special scripts have been specifically set up to damage his endurance during runtime, and this can be seen on the screen of his unique Pip-Boy).
  • Send items to the mailbox outside his home once a day to lighten the carry load - the mailbox flag will move up or down depending on the container's contents.
  • Stuff his mouth full of Nukas, iguana bits and iguanas on a stick for a small amount of positive karma and rep, with custom animations too!

A properly-patched, legal copy of Fallout: New Vegas, Old World Blues and Lonesome Road.

To install, extract the contents of your downloaded file to your "Steam/SteamApps/Common/Fallout New Vegas/Data" folder. Then activate the mod through your preferred launcher by ticking the checkbox next to the esm. Or you can use your Mod Manager of choice to download the mod automatically. To uninstall, simply delete the files from your Data folder, and you're good to go.

The specific folders and files included in the mod are below. Please keep in mind that Pix's Alohaoe may be used by other mods.

- MoonQuest.esm
- Textures/_Moon
- Meshes/_Moon
- All items that start with "MoonQuest" in "Meshes/Characters/Male/IdleAnims/", "Meshes/AnimObjects/", "Meshes/Creatures/Dog/" and "Meshes/Creatures/Eyebot".
- Sound/fx/_Moon
- Sound/fx/Pix/PixAlohaoe.wav
- Sound/Songs/MoonQuestRadio
- Sound/Voice/MoonQuest.esm

Courtesy of faeriexdecay, this pack allows Anaximander to use any clothing designed to fit the Robert's body (such as nivea's fine Spice of Life) without texture distortions. 

His Pip-Boy glove will, by default, be replaced with a retextured version of a vanilla glove, and you will have the option to install a mesh replacement that makes his Nuka-Cola Pip-Boy a bit bigger (1.1400 scale, because I am a loser and was adamant about him keeping it) to prevent the usual clipping issues. If you don't like it, you can install the included optional mesh replacement that will fully remove the retextured glove, and get rid of the Pip-Boy permanently through the in-game mod configuration menu.

Courtesy of GePalladium, this .esp file sets Anaximander's (and by extension, Agnessa's) custom race as playable, and adds a preset of Anaximander's face. You will need to use the console to increase your scale. 1.05 should do the trick if you want to be as tall as him.

Some users told me that they really liked O'Toole and wanted him to be available as a follower. He was always meant to stay home as Anaximander's helper, but since it was requested often I made an optional plugin that will allow the player to bring him along once he has been given the voice modulator. 

His follower functionality is really rudimentary - follow, wait, trade equipment, and leave - and was voiced reusing existing lines, as I hadn't anticipated this request and had to make do with the dialogue I had. He has no companion wheel, and will not increase your follower count. You will get a simple perk ("The Touch of Class") when you hire him, which will increase your Charisma by 1.

Additionally, his regular dialogue has been conditioned so he will only offer trading services and haircuts while at home. I'll admit I didn't test this one very thoroughly, so if you spot any issues, please let me know.

If you'd like to switch between the Nuka-Cola pipboy, the default one and the Pimpboy, ToastedBaby has included a version compatible with this mod at Pip-Boy Switcher. Thank you so much!

By request, this add-on adds a craftable teleporting gun that will allow the player to travel between the Main Facilities and the Mojave Wasteland.

The weapon can be crafted at a workbench under Misc once the main Boom to the Moon quest is completed. Requires 15 Science, 1 Nuka-Cola, 2 Mentats, 3 Scrap Metal and 1 Spare Electronics.  If you don't have the skill to/won't bother to/are afraid of crafting it, add it to your inventory with the console. The ID code is xx00189D. Change  XX to this addon's load order number. 

When first used, it'll teleport you to the rocket outside Anaximander's home. Fire it again and it'll teleport you to the Main Facilities. From then on, it will simply take you back and forth no matter where you are. 


- The whole new worldspace WAS NEVER INTENDED to be visited again. So, be careful with what you do in there. Avoid quest-related activators and make a save before you go messing around. There is always a chance you may break something.
- This was requested so the Main Facilities could be used as a player home. I DID NOT DO ANY HOUSEKEEPING - you'll have to use the console if you want to clean it up and make it livable.
- I didn't get to take this mod through its paces as much as I would've liked as I currently have no companions hired and no post Boom to the Moon saves to test with. So, if you decide to use this, please let me know how it goes.

Do you like the rovers around the moon base? Do you feel bad about them being damaged and wish they would follow you around instead? Well, you're in luck - uhmattbravo has you covered! Repair the rovers and build your own rover army today!

In my GECK (and yours, probably, if you care to check) you will see Anaximander has a very specific set of skin tintings applied around his eyes and face. These display properly in my game, but in other computers I tested on they did not display the way I intended, or at all. I gave up fighting the GECK over it and painted over his face texture directly instead. I know some people may not like what I went with, so there is a selection of face textures for you to choose or customize to your liking. Instructions are included in the download.

The music for the new radio station is a separate download because it's rather heavy and I figure some people may not be interested in it. A playlist can be found here if you'd like to listen to them first. If you want it, just download and extract to your Data folder, allowing folders to merge.

Additionally, I uploaded a chime-less version of the sound played when entering Anaximander's home, for people who hate bells.

You can also grab a custom icon for Anaximander if you're using JIP Companions Command and Control, a copy of the complete walkthrough in plain text format, and last there are some loose audio lines by ToxicBrown1 (Anaximander's voice actor) without effects, some outtakes and a few lines that we did not get to use, for people who may want to add some extra dialogue options and need an audio file.

The mod gives both the Yangtze Memorial and vCountryRadio (the talking activator for the Mojave Music Radio) new Reference Editor IDs so they could be referred to in scripts. The base items are untouched. Not sure how this will play out for compatibility, so if you spot any issues, please let me know.

Some of the cells in the mod are rather demanding and weak computers will strain. I spent ridiculous amounts of time downscaling and optimizing textures, balancing the amount of clutter, placing lights and setting up roombounds that would keep the mod playable without straying too far from MUH CREATIVE VISION, as I play on a laptop that is definitively not the best. But, if you are playing on a Compaq Presario from the 90's, then you will probably take a performance hit. This is most evident in the Station Main Facilities and Vault 138.

The player can still move around during the few fade-to-black scenes because I cannot wrap my head around DisablePlayerControls. Sorry about that.

The space helmet given to the player (and the one that Beep-Beep has) will occasionally make heads, hairs and other assorted headparts disappear. DO NOT PANIC. It's simply the game's lack of ability to deal with multiple meshes with transparency overlapping each other.

Sometimes the player's arms will go missing when equipping the spacesuit. This is fixed by pulling out any weapon (even just the fists).

If you are using a mod that removes the Pip-Boy, you should probably not take the option to equip the Nuka-Cola Pip-Boy from O'Toole, as the only option afterwards is to change back to the vanilla one. I don't really know how mods that remove the Pip-Boy work, so if anybody is willing to test and tell me how it goes, it would be super rad.

I had a strange issue sometimes where the doors in the interior cells at Terras Irradient would play the opening animation but would not actually open, so the player would not be able to pass. I'm not sure what causes this, but if it happens to you, use the "Force Doors Open" switches in the Main Facilities and Greenhouse.

About Anaximander, his body is a fully standalone - all the way to his tongue - version of the vanilla body, so if you have a body modification such as Roberts or Breeze and give him armor that shows skin, his torso textures will be all messed up. I personally play with the vanilla body (the horror, I know) and faeriexdecay has released a patch for Roberts that you'll find in the Files tab. If anybody is interested in making a patch for some other body type, I'd be happy to include a link to it here on the mod page.

If you select the shopping option while at the Silver Rush, Anaximander may sometimes kneel by the ash pile and go strange places. That's just the vanilla furniture markers around that I decided not to mess with.

Anaximander, as a companion, uses the vanilla system with the wheel and everything. Therefore, he will probably pick up some of the vanilla AI's bad habits such as getting stuck around the landscape and behaving erratically. Use his radio while he is following you to call him over and reset his variables if things get out of hand.

And about general compatibility, as the mod is an .esm, there should not be any problems with mods you may have that make changes to existing interiors I changed. I've tested it with NVInteriors and Novac Public Library with no problems. If you find any conflicts, please let me know so I can list them here.


If you've followed the mod's walkthrough TO THE LETTER and are still having trouble with stuff not working the way it is supposed to, UPDATE YOUR MOD VERSION and read below.

- If you go to the Central Mainframe with all items in your inventory (Agnessa's hair strands, the black box, the mainframe override card and Agnessa's pass card) and the option to insert the items disappears, activate the computer rack between the mainframe and the computer terminal. This will progress things forward.
- If the doors in the interior cells at Terras Irradient play the opening animation but do not actually open, so you are not able to pass, use the "Force Doors Open" switches in the Main Facilities and Greenhouse, depending on which cell you're having trouble with.
- If you did read Agnessa and Jimothy's journals but went back to Earth only to find Anaximander did not have the extra branching options, load the hard save that is automatically made when you step out of the rocket, either activate the cardboard box on top of the space suit dispenser and follow the instructions there, or use the in-game mod configuration menu, under "Anaximander" -> "Force Return Dialogue Options". Then talk to Anaximander again.
- If you finished "Back to Vault 138" and Anaximander is not talking to you automatically next time you both enter his Emporium to start "A Decent Proposal", press the switch behind the stove in the kitchen, follow the instructions, and approach Anaximander to carry on.


- I hate [thing] and [thing] and [thing]! You should have done [thing] and [thing] instead! And while you're at it remove [thing] and [thing] and add [thing] and [thing]! And [thing] is NOT LORE FRIENDLY! FIX THIS!
- This isn't a restaurant. If you don't like something, use the console to disable it, remove it with the GECK or FNVEDIT, or sell it off. In other words...

- No.

- Why is the download so freakin' big?! I can't be bothered, it's gonna take me ages!
- There are many, MANY unique assets in the mod that were required to achieve the look I was going for. There's also LOADS of voice files for dialogue, sounds, and the music for the new radio station. If you don't care about that last one, you can skip downloading the music files and just avoid tuning your Pip-Boy to the new radio frequency. In other words...

- THERE IS TOO MUCH READING!!!11! I don't even read this much at school, ugh!! You should've written a book instead of modding a game!!1 (actual message I got)
- There are like, two things that are mandatory to read. The rest is all optional, buddy. In other words...

- I used NMM to update the mod to the newest version and everything is missing, like this! There are hundreds of red exclamation marks!
- For NMM, select NO to upgrade, then overwrite. If you select yes to "upgrade", then the original mod will be erased and all you'll get is the update and none of the assets from the main file. (thanks, rickerhk!)

- Can I use some of these files on my own mod?
- It depends on what you want to use. If you check the permissions and credits tab you'll see a bunch of things I'm using are already modder's resources, so just look around there. I have exclusive permissions for several resources, though, so check carefully before just picking whatever from my mod. PM me if you're not sure who to credit. I made a bunch of the new meshes, however, and those are fair game. I've uploaded a selection of meshes confirmed to be fair game here.

- I am not getting the gloves from the locker so I can't board the rocket!!!11
- The gloves are unarmed weapons. You'll find them in your weapon inventory.

You take it from the supply sack outside Anaximander's home, by the locker on the side porch. If you want more than one flag, or don't have access to the sack for whatever reason, enter "Player.AddItem XX026374 1" into the console to get one. Change XX to the mod's load order number. 

- Is it possible to remove the blurry vision effect from the space helmet so I can take some cool pictures on the mood and whatnot?
- Certainly! Simply enter "rimod XX071CF6" into the console. Change XX to the mod's load order number. That should allow for some sharper pictures. 

- Yup, you can't. You can only open it in interiors while you're there.

- I dunno. Count with your fingers or somethin'.

- I can't find enough Perodite Ore/Cheesenium Ore/Moon Rocks! HELP MEH!!
- You can find a map with the locations of the minerals around the new worldspace here. If you need/want to add some to your inventory besides the ones already available, you can use the console (with AddItem). The ID codes are xx00BADE for the Perodite Ore, xx00BAE0 for the Cheesenium Ore, xx018bFA for the Large Moon Rock, and xx075908 for the Small Moon Rock. Change XX with the mod's load order number. 

- The grammar and spelling on Anaximander's/Borrelly's/Berossus' journals/notes/dialog is awful, you loser! Fix that now!
- That's on purpose, you silly goose. Although I won't deny some mispellings may be around since English is not my native language. If you spot a mistake somewhere besides the ones I pointed out, lemme know and I'll take a look.

- I am back on Earth and I keep getting the "equip your spacesuit please" message! Help!
- This happens when someone is trying to exit one of the buildings at the moon base without a suit on. By default it should not happen because only the player and any followers can go up there, and the player has to be wearing the whole getup in order to activate the door. It is most likely that you have a mod with increased spawns that has placed an NPC there and now they are stuck trying to catch up with you. A recommended way to test this is to equip the whole spacesuit (suit, helmet and gloves), enter "coc 1aaaMoonMain" into the console and look around for any mod-added NPCs. You can get the IDs of the other buildings through the GECK or FNVEDIT if you need to check them as well until you find the culprit, deal with them and then enter "coc Goodsprings" into the console to go back to Earth.

- I ate a magazine/book/consumable added by the mod and got a misc item labeled "empty". What's with that?
- A few unique consumables will indeed give you an empty copy, mostly for hoarding/decorating purposes. I just love collecting books and hate it when they disappear.

- I read I can craft through Anaximander's dialogue if he has a bullet puller, but those are not vanilla items. Where can I get one?
- There are only 5 available in the mod, so be careful not to sell them off. Tally and Pinyon have one; you can also find some in Foggy Bottom Cave, in the locked cabinet in Borrelly's room, and in the toolbox in the Abandoned Office.

- I can't find the Black Box and/or Override Card because [INSERT REASON HERE]! Help!
- If, for whatever reason, you cannot get either of those items, you can use the console to add them to your inventory directly. Enter Player.additem XX05A015 for the black box and Player.additem XX062DE9 for the override card. Change XX with the mod's load order number. If you watched AlChestBreach's video and saw him take the override card from the Comm Relay, that was a bug that has been fixed and you will not find it there anymore. 

- I came back to Earth and tried talking to Anaximander but the branching options do not appear!
- The mod adds a hidden perk when you read the terminal entries mentioned in the walkthrough so the extra dialogue options become available. If you did read them but no notes are being added to your inventory, scroll up to the "failsafes" section and read the instructions there. Alternatively, try using the console to add the hidden perk ("Player.AddPerk XX06CA93") and the notes ("Player.AddNote XX0A425B" and "Player.AddNote XX0A425D"). Replace XX with the mod's load order number. After you do this, talk to Anaximander after you get out of the rocket and see if that gets it working.

- I am back on Earth and the spacesuit/helmet/gloves are still tagged as quest items so I cannot get rid of them!
- Update your mod version and use the option to untag them that is available in the in-game mod configuration menu.

- I gave Anaximander the ocular implant and waited like a million years but his follower dialogue option is not showing up!
- You also need to do Boolean's quest in order to have him be available as a follower. Check the walkthrough if you're lost.

- I went to Vault 138 for the first time and Max acknowledges the place, but when I talk to him no option is showing up so I can't use the intercom. Help!
- You need to talk to him after Max makes the comment. If the dialogue option "Are you sure this is the place? It looks like a mess" does not appear, select Max with the console, type "Set OutsideVault138 to 1" without quotes and then talk to him again. The dialogue option should appear then. 

- I used the intercom and all but now Max won't talk to me about going to Foggy Bottom Cave so the quest is stuck! Help!
- Select Max with the console, type "StartConversation Player xx08D581" without quotes, and he'll talk to you automatically as intended. Change xx to the mod's load order number.
- I looted the safe in Foggy Bottom Cave and now Anaximander is attacking me for some reason!
- Oddly, sometimes, if you take him to Foggy Bottom Cave and loot the safe there, he may become hostile and attack the player. I haven't been able to find the cause of this bug, so I'd recommend you try to loot the safe when he is not around (just make him wait outside), or load a previous save to try again.

- How can I explore the lower level of Vault 138? The door inside the vault shows up as inaccessible!
- Look for a big pipe near the outside entrance of Vault 138. You'll hear the sound of rushing water when you're close by. Make sure to have Anaximander with you so the dialogue that enables the entrance works properly, unless he died. In that case, just go ahead and dive in!

- I have Anaximander with me but when I activate the pipe to enter all I get is a message and nothing else happens!
- Anaximander is supposed to talk to you automatically when you approach the pipe for the first time. If this is not happening, save the game, load the save you just made and go to the pipe again with him. If he still doesn't talk, open the console, select him and type "StartConversation Player xx025247". Change xx to the mod's load order number.

- I went to Vault 138 and just shot the baddies without talking to them first, despite what the very clear objective of the quest said! Now they're all hostile and I'm stuck!
- Revert to a previous save and DO WHAT THE QUEST TELLS YOU TO DO. You will have an option to attack them later, you know.

- I put on the spacesuit and my arms went missing, like so! Help!
- Yeah, as you may see from that picture I am aware of the issue. No idea what causes it, really. The mesh is jut the vanilla one with a new texture attached to it. To correct it, you simply need to pull out any weapon - this will make your arms come back.

- I am using a body mod and gave Anaximander armor, now his textures are all messed up! Same with clothes added by the mod I picked up!
- Anaximander uses a standalone version of the vanilla body, and the clothes are based on vanilla meshes and textures as well. faeriexdecay made a Roberts compatibility patch, and others are welcome to make others. Just send me the link so I can post it here in the description.

- I used the console to [do thing you're not supposed to do] and saw [thing you're not supposed to see]! FIX IT!
- Go away...

- I made Anaximander killable through [another mod], he died and now I'm stuck! Help! 
- You can use the meterbox behind his house to set his killable/essential status once you complete "A Decent Proposal". This is done precisely to prevent quests from breaking. Just finish that quest and then set him as killable if you really want to.

- I hate the "fake hacking"! Make it the regular thing with the minigame and stuff! 
- I implemented that for a specific reason - so the terminals that require it would display the alternate white screen style instead of the vanilla green one. You have no idea how many hours I slammed my head against the desk trying to fix it (I am not smart) and in the end it was a good enough compromise for me. If you don't like it, change it with FNVEDIT or the GECK. Otherwise...

- I ate the cake and now I'm DYING! HELP!
- Vincent has one vial of antidote on him that you can take. Note that there is only one, although there is also one slice of cake, so in theory that should be enough.

- Can I use console commands to progress the quests forward?
- I guess you could if you must, but almost all of the mod's scripts are linked to dialogue prompts so things will break horribly if you use the console as loads of scripts won't fire. If things are not working check the walkthrough to see if you missed something or revert to a previous save to try again.

- The voice acting is dreadful! What a bunch of amateurs! Redo the voice roles now!
- I fully stand by my voice actors. If you have a complaint about them and desperately need to PM someone about it, send the complaints to me. Afterwards, please find professional voice actors willing to do all of this for free, re-record everything, do the lip-sync, correct the subtitles if needed, upload it to the Nexus and send me a link so I can check it out and link it here on the mod page. Until then...

- The new textures are too low res and ugly! I cannot stand this!
- I downscaled a lot of textures to help reduce the file size, but when it comes to upscaling textures, I am at a loss because I am no good at texturing, so what you see is what you get. In other words...

- The new weapons are awful! Fix them!
- Sowwee. I personally like them a lot, especially Pinyon's unique tire iron. If you don't like them, modify them with the GECK or FNVEDIT. In other words...

- I hate the songs on the radio! Change them!
- If there's a song you don't like, go into the music files for the mod (they're very clearly labeled at Sound/Songs/MoonQuestRadio in your Data folder) and replace the ones you don't want with silent tracks, your own songs, or advertisements such as the ones found here. In other words...

- I'm lagging all over the place! Help!
- I tested this mod on a heavily modded setup, on a mid-range gaming laptop. There are some rather taxing cells, however, especially the Station Main Facilities and Vault 138. So, if you're playing on a coal-powered machine, you will definitively have some performance loss.

- There's a lot of potty mouth and mature topics and stuff that triggers me going on in this mod and I don't like it!
- Fallout: New Vegas is a mature-rated game. If you're annoyed by the language, change it with the GECK or FNVEDIT. No comment about the rest of your complaint. In other words...

- Can I make a patch that changes something about the mod and upload it to the Nexus?
- Most certainly! Make sure to upload only your .esp and required stuff (but none of my assets) and send me a link so I can list it here!

- I went looking into the mod and I saw you have a truckload of scripts! I don't like scripted mods! Remove these scripts at once!
- About 99% of the scripts are OnActivate and simply show messages. There's only one script I can remember right now that is somewhat constant, and that's the one that moves the mailbox flag up or down depending on its contents. With a heavy heart I set the script delay for that one to the default so it wouldn't kill people's games (I wanted the changes to happen instantly). If this bothers you, remove some of the scripts with FNVEDIT or the GECK, but don't come crying if the mod breaks. In other words...

- I hate everything being static! I wanna pick things up!
- I don't like knocking things around all the time, and New Vegas has plenty of clutter everywhere already. In other words...

- Is this compatible with [mod]?
- The mod is an .esm, so there should not be any problems with mods you may have that make changes to vanilla interiors I've edited. If you find any conflicts, please let me know so I can list them here.

- How come the mod looks different in my game than your screenshots?
- I am using several retextures in my own game, SweetFX and Grass is always Greener, so results may vary.

- The mod is awful/glitchy/buggy/etc. I am going to uninstall it and I must let everybody know!
- Sad to see you go~

- The mod sucks!
- So does a vaccuum cleaner