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Several compatibility patches for Daughters of ARES and several T6M Mods. Also some patches for T6M mods and Project Nevada.

Permissions and credits
So, what is this? What do these patches do?

----------------------T6M - Daughters of ARES-----------------------
(T6M HH and Unique Items-DoA)

These patches add Daughters of ARES versions of the Gecko Leather Armor and its Reinforced variant to both the T6m Honest Herts Replace (sic) and T6M Unique Items. It also adds a DoA version of the T6M Cass outfit.

-----------------------T6M - Project Nevada--------------------------

(T6M-Project Navada Old World Blues)

This patch builds on Izumikos' patch by giving the T6M Stealth Helmet a visor overlay and Night, Thermal, and EM vision. And a Scanner.

This mod REQUIRES the "Project Nevada-ALL DLC" from PN-Extra Options, which itself requires all Project Nevada modules(Core, Equipment, Cyberware, and Rebalance). Again, this Requires "Project Nevada-ALL DLC" from Extra Options.

(T6M Unique Items-Project Nevada)
Izumiko already did a PN plugin for Unique Items, I know.But all it did was give the stealth helmets Night vision.

I went through it and added thermal vision and visor overlays to the helmets, and set the stealth armors to have the toggle able stealth field.

(T6M Dead Money-Project Nevada)
For Dead Monk, er Money, I set the Sierra Madre Helmet to have an overlay and the Reinforced helmet to have an overlay and a Scanner.

The T6M Assassin Helmet was also given an overlay, Night and Thermal vision, and a Scanner. The T6M Assassin Suit was given the toggle able stealth field.

This mod also requires "Project Nevada-ALL DLC" from Extra Options.

---------------------T6M Alternative---------------------
(T6M A bit more decency)
This mod adds bras to every armor that has a cleavage window (Leather Armor and Jumpsuits. Probably others,too). Except Cass.

Comes in two flavors: White bra and Black bra.

There is also a DoA version available.

1. Back up the original files. (Please do, in case something breaks)
2. Drag and drop into your Data folder
3. When asked to overwrite, select yes.
4. Profit.

---------------Future Patches------------------

As of right now, I'm trying to get DoA and T6M Equipment Replacer to work together, but the FormID lists that DoA rely upon to switch armors do not work correctly. I don't know how to fix it except through scripting, and I can't script. At all.

Users of CaliberX and Improved Ballistics Effects might notice that several pistols don't have the improved muzzle flashes and smoke. I fixed that, but I'm waiting on permission to release it.

-----------------Random Trivia--------------------

Did you know...
   that Obsidian used the rain textures from Enhanced Weather(for Fallout 3) in Honest Hearts? They did, really.

   that Old World Blues has upper body textures for the Lobotomites? The female texture is just a normal map, which is probably why they were cut.

Bethesda and Obsidian for Fallout: New Vegas
The Project Nevada team for ...Project Nevada
Izumiko for the wonderful T6M mods. And Neckroscope(I hope I got that right) for the original Type 6 body.
lucasjose501 and Dizzasterjuice(Again I hope I got that right) for Daughters of ARES and The ARES Project, respectively.
Me, for being anal retentive enough to put these patches together.

-------------Licensing and other stuff-----------
The PN team has a modders guide, so I guess they are cool with this kind of mod, but credit them. Please.
Izumiko is okay with other people modifying his (of her?) T6M mods, but again, credit them.
lucasjose501 said other people can modify Daughters of ARES in the comments, but once again, credit would be nice.