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Replace in the T6M Body Armor is added in the DLC Dead Money

Permissions and credits
Name: T6M Dead Money Armor
Version: 1.1.1
Date: 2012/05/06
by Izumiko

------------------- [What's this?] -----------------------
Replace in the T6M Body Armor is added in the DLC Dead Money
· Assassin Suit
· Sierra Madre Armor
· Sierra Madre Helmet
· Sierra Madre Armor, Reinforced
· Sierra Madre Helmet, Reinforced
Add new item
· Assassin Helmet (only available at Container)

· Vault 34 Security Armor

It impossible to obtain after DLC Dead Money,
Option I put a set of plug-ins to put in place the container in Abandoned BOS banker start.

Replace the figure was also T6M Vera's Outfit

-------------------[ Install ]-----------------------
Please to overwrite the \ fallout new vegas the DATA folder in the archive
The introduction is recommended that you use FOMM BAIN

Corefile: This file is Mesh and Texture
for Pipboy 5000: Please if you use to overwrite the Corefile Pipboy5k
Option plugin: please to introduce plug-ins if you want to get this quest after completing

Please to introduce to overwrite the file of V1.1 to V1.0

===== Obtaining =====
You get the quest after the introduction, please obtain the introduction of plug-in Option.

------------------- [Requirements] -----------------------
DLC DeadMoney

------------------- [Licensing / Legal] -------------
Please freely and as the original policy, when the diversion is welcome guests and writing credits.
Thanks to all moder great game and made Bezesuda
Reproduction to other things such as the uploader of this file, please refrain from the MOD

To translate the plugin into languages ??other than English, thank the public and ask them to be changed freely.
Instead, it is fine even after publishing, please tell me the address and public reporting.

------------------- [Credit] ------------------------
DIMONIZED TYPE3 female body by dimon99 TheRowan
Type6 Body and Armor replacer by Necroscope

------------------- [Change History] ------------------------
2012/01/20 v1.0 Initial release
2012/05/06 v1.1 Add a Vera's Outfit
2012/07/16 v1.1.1 Delete unnecessary to specify a master