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Replace the figure will be added in T6M the Armor DLC Old World Blues

Permissions and credits
Name: T6M Old World Blues Replace
Version: 1.0
Date: 2012/02/15
by Izumiko

------------------- [This is what? ] -----------------------
Replace the figure will be added in T6M the Armor DLC Old World Blues
· Patient Gown
· Stealth Suit Mk II

Add new item
· Stealth Mk2 Helmet
Is put somewhere in the X-13 Testing Facility, please looking for.
There is a hint to the SS

------------------- [Install] -----------------------
Please copy and overwrite in the \ fallout new vegas the DATA folder in the archive
The introduction is recommended that you use a BAIN or FOMM

------------------- ----------------------- [Requirements]
DLC Old World Blues

------------------- [Licensing / Legal] -------------
I'm happy please feel free as the original policy, when the diversion and enjoy writing credit.
Thank you for all moder Bezesuda and made a great game
Reproduction to other uploader, etc. Please refrain from things that this MOD files

If you want to translate the plug-in into a language other than English, thank you ask them to change and publish freely.
Instead, it is fine even after the public, please tell me the address and public reporting to me.

------------------- [Credit] ------------------------
DIMONIZED TYPE3 female body by dimon99 TheRowan
Type6 Body and Armor replacer by Necroscope

------------------- [Change History] ------------------------
Initial release 2012/02/15 v1.0

================Option File==================
T6M Old World Blues Replace Option File

· NightEye vision add-on for Project Nevada

T6M Old World Blues Replace PN.esp
Adds the ability to NightEye vision to the following items
Lobotomite Goggles
Lobotomite Mask and Goggles
Stealth Mk2 Helmet
Please use and replace T6M Old World Blues Replace.esp

Project Nevada

· OWB HeadGear MOD Hair Fix.esp
Fix the bald HeadGEAR they are using and be equipped with MODHair
Valence Radii-Accentuator
Atomic-Valence Tri-Radii-Oscillator
Lobotomite Goggles
Lobotomite Mask
Lobotomite Mask and Goggles