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Unique items and place as the equipment was to T6MBody Replace Please look for location of the image relies on tips

Permissions and credits
Name: T6M Unique Item
Version: 1.2
Date: 2012/03/25
by Izumiko

------------------- [Description] -----------------------
Unique items and place as the equipment was to T6MBody Replace
Please look for location of the image relies on tips

The item to be added

· T6M Cool Guy Outfit

· T6M Raider Itouen Armor

· T6M Gecko Leather Armor

· T6M Gecko Leather Armor, Reinforced

additional items v1.2

· T6M Cass' Outfit
· T6M Cass Necklace

Was to separate the clothes and the Necklace
Cass is Burning Heart tattoo clothing is placed in the chest
Necklace is located to the string of double-wound of the neck to hide the seam
Modified so that it can be used to support Pipboy3000 player, you may also specify the ground model

· T6M Chinese Stealth Armor
· T6M Chinese Stealth Helmet
· T6M Stealth Helmet Unique

· T6M DDC Stealth Armor
· T6M DDC Stealth Helmet
· T6M DDC Stealth Helmet Unique

StealthArmor face was visible over separate transmission to handle the Helmet and Armor, the visor of the helmet

· T6M Lucky 38 Special
The emblem with [Lucky 38] in the hip and shoulder rest

Changes in v1.2
Was renumbered to review the status and effects of armor

--------------------- [OptionFile] -------------------------
T6M Honest Herts Replace.esp
Is a plug-in to change the same design as the production of armor T6MUnique Honest Hearts

T6M Unique Itam PN addon.esp
Is a plug-in to be able to use the NightVision mode of Project Nevada the head of T6M Unique Equipment

------------------- [Requirements] -----------------------
Skin texture is required for Type3

If you want to use T6M Honest Herts Replace.esp is required for Honest Hearts
If you want to use T6M Unique Itam PN addon.esp is required for Project Nevada

------------------- [Install] -----------------------
Please copy and overwrite in the \ fallout new vegas \ Data the DATA folder in the archive
The introduction is recommended that you use a BAIN or FOMM

Please add to the DATA folder if the introduction of the introduction of plug-in Option

------------------- [Credit] ------------------------
Base Body MOD
Type 6 Modification Body NV by Izumiko

DIMONIZED TYPE3 female body by dimon99 TheRowan
Type6 Body and Armor replacer by Necroscope

------------------- [Licensing / Legal] -------------
I'm glad to please free to modify, at the time of diversion and enjoy writing credit.
Thank you for all moder Bezesuda and made a great game
Reproduction to other uploader, etc. Please refrain from things that this MOD files

If you want to translate the plug-in into a language other than English, thank you ask them to change and publish freely.
Instead, it is fine even after the public, please tell me the address and public reporting to me.

------------------- [Change History] ------------------------

2012/02/27 v1.0
2012/03/02 v1.1 add Gecko Leather Armor Gecko Leather Armor, Reinforced
2012/03/25 v1.2 Add the four types of armor, change the Effect
2012/03/25 v1.2.2 Lucky38SP Fix Mesh and plugin