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  1. DetectiveToaster
    • member
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    Sorry for vanishing like this. I tried to fight Blender to convert meshes and Blender won. Then the TTW setup I had sorta... imploded.
    So I had to undo weeks of work and tweaks, then Destiny launched.

    Then after two weeks I realized that Destiny was pretty boring and generic. It was at this point I made my biggest mistake: I decided to get back into Skyrim...

    Anyway. I'll start work on this again in January. Spice of Life support will be basic unless a modeler stops by to help. Until then, I'll be teaching dragons about mortality.

    In the meantime, there are some great DOA patches out by Dingenskirchen. Check 'em out.
    1. Psijonica
      • supporter
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      Yes we are still watching this

      TTW version YaY
  2. ArtD2
    • member
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    So There's no need of patch for Honest Hearts without Daughters of Ares???
    Because all Patch available for Honest Heart here is only in case we have DoA installed, or there was something mistaken??
  3. ArticNinjaFox
    • member
    • 25 posts
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    thank you for taking the time to create this.
    i am haveing a little difficulty with installing this mod as 2 of the patches just keep overriding each other, as im not sure witch order to copy these and no matter which way i try the folder tree never looks right, i do know that the modesty one goes last,
    folder tree with the current instructions;
    which gets overwritem by the meshes in the uniqueitem folder
    should this tree be re-aranged to?
    it would be very helpfull if more detailed information on the correct way and order to apply these patches could be provided.
    thank you for creating these
  4. Tearoth
    • member
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    What do you mean when you say i have to create a "Merged Patch" ?
    1. DetectiveToaster
      • member
      • 1,203 posts
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      You need to create a Merged Patch with FNVEdit. Otherwise the FormID lists this mod relies on won't be updated correctly.

      To create a Merged Patch:
      1. Run FNVEdit.
      2. In the pop-up menu, make sure every mod use want to use for a play through has a checkmark. Hit OK.
      3. Let the program run until it says "Loader: Finished" in the right box.
      4 Right click in the left box (the one with your mod list), scroll down to "Other".
      5. Highlight "Other" and select "Create Merged Patch" in the second menu that pops up. ( I name mine "Merged Patch" )
      6. Let it create the patch. When it's done, select the + symbol next to the patch.
      7. Hit the + next to "FormID List"
      8. Make sure there are NO RED ENTRIES. If there are, I really can't explain in words what to do.

      Gopher has some excellent vids on YouTube about F3\NVEdit. There is also a Training Manual up for dl on this nexus, somewhere.
  5. DetectiveToaster
    • member
    • 1,203 posts
    • 36 kudos
    I hate to disappoint, but compatibility patches with other body types is waaay out of my league. These meshes were put together in NifSkope by copying and pasting pieces.

    I'll see about a SoL patch, but If it requires actual modeling or texturing, then I can't do it. My Blender and *cough* skills are still at 0. (Anybody got a skill book?). This is also the reason I didn't do a T6M Jeans patch, so much clipping.

    (I'm surprised no one complained about that bloom.)
  6. ClarkyClark
    • member
    • 12 posts
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    I'm hoping for a Spice of Life compatibility patch as well. I'd do it but I wouldn't know what does what and trying to do it is like putting a bandaid on someone who was gored by a chainsaw. Basically I'm an idiot when it comes to modding.
  7. A7Xdreamer
    • premium
    • 256 posts
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    Dang.. I just stopped playing my DoA character too. I got tired of finding cool looking armor mods and not being able to use them because they weren't compatible. I will add to my tracking list.
  8. SolidusEkans
    • supporter
    • 962 posts
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    Thanks for doing this. Looking forward for more DoA patches.