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A supplement to the NV Interiors Project by Chucksteel

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Welcome to the N.V. Interiors Addon!

This mod expands upon the work done by Chucksteel on The N.V. Interiors Project. It adds a few new interiors to the Mojave and several to the DLCs.
8-11-18 Update: Added "A World of Pain" compatibility (finally). There are 2 new optional files; the AWOP version of this mod (esp replacement) and a patch for one location.

You still need to have the main file as it has all the meshes and textures. Download and install the AWOP esp. Check the AWOP esp in your load order and NOT the original esp. The new esp is a complete AWOP replacement for the base version of this mod.

Regarding the very optional patch; The only conflict with AWOP that can see in the game is Junction 15 Railway Station. If you like the AWOP version, then no patch is needed. The AWOP doors block mine and you can only enter the AWOP interior. However, my version was a Caravan Waystation before the Deathclaw neighbors moved in. There is a merchant's supply of goods in there. If you want my interior instead, add the new patch to your load order. It requires the latest version of AWOP.

AWOP Dead Money is completely compatible with no conflicts. Just run it along with everything else.

Prepare yourselves folks, this mod requires a lot:
Fallout New Vegas (natch)
Dead Money DLC
Honest Hearts DLC
Old World Blues DLC
Lonesome Road DLC
Gun Runners Arsenal DLC (I placed GRA weapons when I had a choice between vanilla & GRA)
NVInteriors Core
NVInteriors_Combo Edition (If you use "A World of Pain", you will need NVInteriors_Combo Edition_AWOP instead.)

AWOP Dead Money is completely compatible with no conflicts. Just run it, as is, along with everything else.

Before anyone asks, no I'm not going to make a version that doesn't require the DLCs. Most of these new interiors are in the DLCs. The DLCs are easy to get and dirt cheap, especially if you catch them on sale. If you don't have them you're missing out!
The following locations are now open for exploration.
New interiors in the Mojave:
COMPLETED old NV Interiors building - Katz Apartments in Freeside, with a secret!
Junction 15 Railway Station - former Caravan Waystation
Industrial building SW of McCarren - McCarren Patrol Outpost
Shack just below the Northern Passage - Abandoned cluttered shack
Mama Dolce's Bakery - Across from H&H Tools
Pioneer Aviation - Across from Aerotech Office Park
Primm Liquor - former gas station behind Vikki & Vance Casino
Vault 21 - Sealed off by Mr. House, but not actually filled with concrete. Benny got back in for a reason.
Northwest Sewers - Cut content
Southwest Sewers - Cut content
South Sewers - from original NV Interiors
NCR Squatter's shelter - formerly boarded up large train station in North Freeside
Honest Hearts: No buildings to make interiors for, used some Honest Hearts assets in the cluttered shack mentioned above and elsewhere.
Old World Blues: Just a pair of buildings beside the sink, connected to each other underground.
Lonesome Road: Several buildings in Hopeville.
Quonset huts - CO Quarters, NCO Hut, Mess Hall, Infirmary, Motor Pool Shop.
Buildings - Officer's Club, Post Exchange (PX), and Gun Shop
Dead Money:
Town Square: City Hall, Post Office, Fire Station, Visitor Center, Bank, Movie Theater, Diner
Medical District: Barber Shop, Medical Supply, Clinic Gift Shop (w/holo vendor)
Salida Del Sol: Laundry, BBQ Cafe, Furniture Store, School, Church, Hardware Store (w/holo vendor)
Puesta Del Sol: Mexican Cafe, Appliance Store, Men's Club, Clothing Store (w/holo vendor)
Residential District: Residential Suite, Sierra Nino Daycare and Casino, Restaurante Luna de la Cosecha
Sierra Madre Hotel - Cantina Madrid Restaurant area, casino back rooms, 7 floors of hotel rooms, and 4 penthouses.
New Items:
A few collectible items by Jokerine.
Drugs: prewar Antitoxin, Perkup (related to Buffout, Agility and Endurance gain)
drugs added to loot lists in Dead Money and Lonesome Road; also to the Sink and Commisary vendor list
Cigarette lighter (classic Fallout item)
Several new framed pictures (I like cowgirls)
Several Sierra Madre collectibles in the Villa
A handful of new clothing items
.44 Peacemaker revolver (based on .357 w/extended barrel, improved holdout)
.45-70 Revolver (Ranger Sequoia w/o NCR markings)
.45-70 Revolver Rifle
Chinese Assault Rifle - will take one vanilla weapon mod, you figure out which one!
Chinese Pistol (improved holdout)
Fixed Grimy Prewar Business Suit texture
Many more mundane items and other surprises, including NEW misc items.
You can find Ed. Ed is dead.
Many lucky items, some of them actually work!
Caravan deck from Vault 21 (Why not? They play cards and would have their own decks.)
One of each card placed in various interiors and otherwise found in all the usual places.
Placed all the missing Sierra Madre caravan cards into Dead Money interiors.
Spy gear! Including the following items:
Silenced 9mm Pistol - similar to Silenced .22 pistol (holdout)
Concealable C4 and disguised detonator (holdout)
5mm scoped, silenced, Survival Rifle - breaks down easily for concealment. (improved holdout)
Armored business suit & armored formal wear
Misc "Computer Parts". You've seen the static equipment rack that includes the oscilloscope. Different parts of that rack are lying around in the game too. Those parts that are in NV Interiors and my Addon can now be collected and broken down at the workbench. I also plan to add these throughout the entire game in my Craft Overhaul Revised.
Added 10 new magazine titles to many of these, and Chucksteel's interiors. I even replaced several copies of Chucksteels mags since I don't see the need to have 6 or 7 copies of some issues in the game. You can still find at least 2 of each issue. Several of these titles are imported from DC Interiors. A few are new, including a couple of western titles. Check out the new pic to see what titles are added.
Also, the resolution of the collectible magazines has been doubled!
Added select items to vendor inventories.
Added many of the new items to Chucksteel's original interiors!
Added a minor tweak to the Nash residence in Primm. One back corner of the interior, the kitchen area, would appear turned 90 degrees in game even though it looks fine in the GECK. This is due to an "X" marker partly lowered through the floor. Raising this marker just above the floor corrects this problem. Update; didn't work in my latest test. Tried a couple of other things. Seems to be fixed, again.
10-6-16 Update: Esp file only; created a script to add my new items and weapons to various lists (perks, vendors, leveled, etc) instead of altering those lists directly. This will improve compatibility with other mods. All previous updates are included.
9-13-16 Update: Esp file only; added Ultrajet addiction cure to the same places as the Perkup cure, upon request by a YUP user. You should still be able to run YUP. But if you want the Perkup cure, you need to place this Addon later in your load order.
Chucksteel - The original N.V. Interiors Project, and the DC Interiors Project.
Jokerine - Lots o Stuff! Check out her mods
arlekin - Benny's Lucky Lighter model for the Cigarette Lighter
Lady Sinestro - Intact mirror - Modders Resource Pack
LORD DARIUS13 - Fallout 3 Weapons Iron Sight -Modders Resource- V1dot3
llamaRCA - Giddyup Buttercup figurine mesh
Jokerine - More Stuff! Especially toilet paper
madmongo - Mongo Resources, useful new meshes
Jokerine (yet again) - She havoked a few meshes on request for me. She's great.
AnsaarTGB - My .45-70 Revolver Rifle is based on his Ranger's Hunting Carbine.
Gamepedia Fallout Wiki - background info on Benny and the Families of the strip.