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Cleans up the aMidianBorn NV Book Of Steel plugins, which contain numerous edits that cause needless incompatibility with other mods, making them easier to use.

Also includes support for Enclave Power Armors Retextured

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The texture work in aMidianBorn NV Book of Water is amazing. However the mod comes with two plugins, both of which are filled with unnecessary bloat, confusing names, and unused records.

I have cleaned up all the redundant records, and renamed all of the new records using a proper naming scheme. This should make it easier to produce compatibility patches, and make the mods more compatible with other mods in general. There is also only one plugin now, which should make it easier on the load order ;)

I have integrated Enclave Power Armors Retextured by id2301, with no additional installation necessary, adding retextures in the same style as CaBaL120 for the armors that he never did. I have also created a Tale of Two Wastelands Patch, that integrates all of the already available fixes for Book of Steel and TTW into one easy to use file, with none of the clutter that has no place in a texture mod.


  • Cleaned and Merged plugin file
  • Fixed Tesla Armor. The original version had inconsistent textures for the helmet and the armor
  • Full compatibility with Tale of Two Wastelands
  • Enclave Power Armor Retextured Integration, without any additional work on the part of the user

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