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This is a modder's resource containing several new building sets, a variety of clutter and other decorations.
There are hundreds of all new models all hand made by me.
Make your mod stand out!

Permissions and credits
Speedy's Resources


This is a modder's resource containing several new building sets, a variety of clutter and other decorations.
There are hundreds of all new models all hand made by me.


Desert Platforms (drilling rig, animated)(Picture) (Picture)
DLC additions (Adds 3 way and 4 way sections to the lab tileset)
An alternate textured industrial small room set.
A set of scaffolding (the kind you see in the city that goes over the sidewalk) (Picture)

Animated versions of the separated computer parts.
A bunch of decals (vents, pipe/wire wall holes, wall damage)
Some random decorations
A huge array of signs (25 of them) (Picture)
A grocery freezer with cracked but intact glass
Kitchen cabinet with sink!(Picture)
Road barriers

Bunker Tube tileset(Picture Picture)
Cave Bunker tileset(Picture)
Concrete Bunker tileset(Picture)
Concrete Tunnels tileset (Picture)
Duct set (add your own custom duct work to your dungeons!) (Picture)
Industrial Shaft tileset(Picture)
Sliding blast door

Some Flickering lights (3 different flicker patterns!, includes flickering FX beams and glow!)
Some neon sign lights (A-Z 0-9)
Assorted lights(Picture)

[size="3"]Some Misc. stuff:[/size](Picture)
Concrete arch
Invisible door collision box (with editor marker)
Bank of monitors with animated static
Hidden shelf door
Shower Head
Support cables

[size="3"]Pipes and wires:[/size]
Mini Vent set (small vent ducts like the ones in the lab tileset)
TriWire set (thick 3 wire bundle)
Wire Strip (includes ruined version)
Various pipes and wires.

[size="3"]Star Tech:[/size] (originally for a space based mod I was working on)
Box module tileset(Picture)
clutter and decorative bits.

I am also working on a neon lights add-on pack.

New in version 2.0
Kitchen Sink
An a-z 0-9 set of neon letters and numbers
More decorations (mini ducts and various wires)
Stuff from an old space mod I was working on. (the star tech folder)
An example dungion using my assets. (type: coc 0SPDBunker01lvl01 into the console to teleport there)
Fixed collision on the duct set.
A retextured version of the industrial pods tileset.

//////////Modding Instructions://////////

To use these resources check off the SpeedyResources.esm when you start the GECK.
If you use most of the assets, simply make it a requirement and post a link.


If you only use a few than feel free to upload them with your mod.

To add only a few of the models you simply drag and drop them from their location in your data/meshes/SPD folder to the object window, they will automatically be named and sorted. Make sure you drag static object into the statics section, doors into the doors section, flickering light emitters into the lights section, etc.
You can select and drag multiple files too (but not folders)

When adding a tileset like this its a good idea to go into each object's properties and select the visible on local map option.

Instructions on how to use the included elevator set are in the ReadMe. (its a bit complicated, PM me if you have trouble using it)

//////////Tools used://////////
3DS max


For anyone using version 1.0:

Updating to version 2.0 will likely cause major glitches.
Items will be replaced with other items and need to be replaced with the items they are supposed to be.

Anyone who is using version 2.0 is fine and the error will not be repeated in future updates.

This is a modder's resource so you are free to use these files for whatever you want, as long as you give proper credit.
Upload it, modify it, expand it or do whatever you want with it!  Just give proper credit.


Bethesda and Obsidian For Fallout: NV
Niftools team for the exporter and Nifskope
CGTextures.com - Best free textures on the net.