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Adds a load of static buildings to make New Vegas feel like an urban center and make it appear more similar to the concept art- AND it won't set your PC on fire!

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Welcome to New Vegas

Version 1.1 now available!

This mod adds a bunch of static sky scrapers and buildings surrounding the strip. All the buildings are static, but their presence makes the strip feel far larger and more urban. This aim of this mod was to make the strip feel more like real life Vegas as well as attempting to bring concept art of Vegas to life. The buildings are not able to be entered, but they are decorated and the neon should help them fit into the theme of Vegas very well. Special thanks to jcdenton2012, as I shamelessly ripped buildings from his Denver  mod. You're the best!

This mod shouldn't have a great impact on performance. It will lag when entering different parts of the strip as the buildings load in.

This mod doesn't add any new scripting or buildings directly on the strip itself so it should be generally compatible with other mods that alter or open the strip. Personally, I use New Vegas Restoration and it works great. As such though, it's important to note that I have not tested this mod with a vanilla version of the strip or other strip mods BUT I don't see any reason why there would be issues. Just make a save before you install to be safe? 

All official DLCs 
Speedy Resources

Obviously this mod makes the Strip "bigger" than it is in the base game and may conflict with the lore and make you angry. By all means, if you wish to crucify me in the comments please do so. Or just make up some head canon, either way.

Recommended Mods
New Vegas Restoration- This is the mod I use in the screenshots  (Minor conflict, one building will block the gift shop entrance). 

None known so far but please report them. Like I said, the buildings generate a little late so that may lag your game a bit. If you know how to fix this, please let me know

Version History
1.0 Initial release
1.1 Added buildings to be visible from outside the strip in both the wasteland and from freeside. Removes random door in Goodsprings
- 2.0 Coming soon!

2.0 Plans
Rearrangement of the buildings to be more believable 
Less tall buildings
Completely new signs for the buildings 

jcdenton2012 for his awesome Denver mod that I used 
Speedyb64 for his resources mod