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Quick & easy way to implement a new stable Radio Station with 10 - 500 songs capacity.
Featuring three play modes (random shuffle, ascending order and repeat function), the ability to switch trough your songs, auto mute during dialogues, showing the current song number and more.

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Welcome to your . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .... your advanced radio station

  • Broadcasting everywhere (including DLCs), straight away with the first load using this mod
  • A music compilation with hits of the 30s and 40s is included
  • Providing a capacity of 10 up to 500 songs
  • Wasteland-Kit, a plugin version that causes all wasteland radios to play your songs
  • Very stable and easy to customize
  • Plays your mp3s in a random shuffle mode, in ascending order or repeatedly
  • Shows the current song number
  • Auto Mute during dialogues
  • Control you playback via Hotkeys (arrow left, right, up, down) and switch through your songs
  • Ability to place radios into the game world
  • Radios can be bought and sold at certain vendors. (see Notes)
  • A fancy Quantum stiled radio can be placed additional to the vintage ones.
  • It's HD, tripple A and tripple D, ultra high definition, uncut and everything Dolly Buster would be jealousy at.

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .... join now, and get your radio active!

Download and install the Main File. It contains all source files and the first 50 songs of the prepared music compilation.
If you have problems with the download, try another file server, like the Washington DC Server for example.

If you don't already use NVSE, you may want to install it.
--> Learn how to do so.

And you are perfectly fine.

Or read further, get a pro, learn how to customize your radio and impress your friends. ;-)

What files to install?

Main Files
The Main File contains everything you need to go.
It includes the first 50 songs of the prepared music compilation in mp3 and wav format as well as sound dummies to fill up to the mod's 'Song Limit' of 500.

The 'Song Limit' is a value which defines how many songs you can use.
This value can be set ingame in your inventory under:
[Apparel Items] -> [R.A.C.E.] -> [options] -> [Define your Limits!]

You are free to replace the sound files either by your own music or by the prepared music compilation found under Optional Files.

Files listed here are meant to be installed manually or by using Mod Managers like NMM or FOMM.
If you want to switch from the Pip-Boy-Kit to the Wasteland-Kit or the other way round, you safely can use the updates.
The Wasteland-Kit is a plugin version that overrides vanilla radios scattered in the wasteland to play R.A.C.E.
The update always includes the two important files 'R.A.C.E. Station.bsa' and 'R.A.C.E. Station.esp' only.
In order to not to overwrite custom music files, chose this option while installing updates:

Since software sometimes happen to have strange bugs, you can't do wrong if you still backup your custom music files before you install the updates by using a mod manager.

The latest readme can be found here.

Optional Files
The optional music packs, RACE Music-Pack 1 (song 51 - 100) and RACE Music-Pack 2 (song 101 - 150), include another 50 songs each. If you install the main file and both music packs, you need to set your 'Song Limit' to 150 in order to hear all songs ingame.

Miscellaneous Files
In this category you'll find the entire playlist of the prepared music compilation as well as file renamer for your custom mp3 and wav files and an Optional Main File which doesn't include a prepared music selection. This small file can be used alternatively to the main file, if you want to build a music selection entirely on your own or if have limited bandwhith for example.

If you want to make use of the Hotkey functions of R.A.C.E. version 2.2 and above, you'll need to install the New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE).

How to install?

With Nexus Mod Manager
  • make sure you installed NMM
  • open the Nexus Mod Manager
  • here on the file page, under "Downloads", click the "Download with Manager" button
  • after downloading, in NMM, under "Mods" tab: click "Activate the selected Mod"
  • If you are updating from previous versions, avoid to overwrite your music selection with the dummy files included.
    . . .Better make a backup of your custom music files before you install updates in order to not to accidentally lose them.

Manual install
  • on the file page: use the "download manually" link or directly click the package name like "RACE - Pip-Boy-Kit" for example
  • open the downloaded package in 7zip or any other packer like winrar
  • copy the following files into the "Data" folder of your game directory:
    . . .1. R.A.C.E. Station.bsa. . .2. R.A.C.E. Station.esp. . .3. folder Sound **
  • check-mark "R.A.C.E. Station.esp" at your Game-Launcher

** If you already implemented a custom music selection, e.g. because you are just updating from a previous mod version, avoid to overwrite your music selection with the dummy files included. Better use the download under "Updates" in case.

Radios must be bought from vendors and carried in the players inventory in order to place them by dropping the R.A.C.E. apparel item.

Placing a radio:
1. open the Pipboy -> go to your Inventory -> Apparel -> rightclick on the R.A.C.E. apparel item
2. once dropped, you can move it to your desired place by using the grab function
3. activate the item (like you would switch it on) to fix it to place
4. to remove a placed radio, use the grab function once again to open the removal menu

The following merchants are trading radios:
Argyll, Nellis Air Force Base
Cliff Briscoe, Novac
Johnson Nash, Prim
Lacey, Mojave Outpost
Old Lady Gibson, Gibson scrap yard
Ralph, Mick & Ralph's in Freeside
Sarah Weintraub, Vault 21

If at least 4 of them died, chances are good that roaming merchants sell radios as well.
Radios are miscellaneous items and cost round about 250+ caps each.
If the player has no (R.A.C.E.) apparel item in his inventory, he automatically gets a new one for free as soon as he buys a radio item.

A menu has been implemented. Activate it under the "Apparel Tab" of your Pip-Boy.
Please remember to "Define your Song Limit" the first time you are using this Mod!
Set it to the amount of songs you are using.

Menu Works
  • Switch Auto Mute on/off to silence the radio during dialogues.
  • Switch Shuffle mode on/off to choose between the improved random play or ascending order.
  • Show / hide the Song info which shows the number of the current song (not in menus).
  • Hotkey the Menu-Item to show the song number during gameplay.
  • (1) Define a Song limit. Do you want to play 10, 50 or 180 songs? Define it!
  • (2) "Pick a song!" If the shuffle mode is disabled, you can switch through your songs.
  • Click "Play Now!" to start the radio play with your chosen song immediately. Otherwise, the songs will be played right after the current song finished.
  • Chose "Reset Selection" to undo your selection
  • Chose "Restart Playback" to start all over with the very 1st song

If you don't agree with my choice of music, you are able to add your own songs, by replacing the included ones.
This mod is optimized to achieve this as easy & quick as possible.

Variable Bit Rates (vbr), Average Bit Rates (abr) and Bit Rates over 256 kbps are not supported by the engine and may cause the last seconds of each track being repeated.

How to customise the R.A.C.E. Station in 4 easy steps - Quick guide

  • Download and install the An Audio Converter
  • Convert your music to the following format to obtain best results:
    . . .Constant Bit Rate (cbr). . .Bit Rate: 128 - 256 kBit/s. . .Sample Rate: 44100 Hz. . .Sample Size: 16 bit. . .Channels: 1 (mono) or 2 (stereo)Some Converter automatically convert your music to Constant Bit Rate (cbr) with a sample size of 16 bit and may remove the id tags of the songs as well.
  • Download the Radio Active File Renamer and rename the converted files.
  • Copy your renamed mp3s into your radio station folder
    . . .... Data Sound songs RACE. . .and overwrite the included sound files

Finished! Enjoy your music in game!

See also: How to customise the R.A.C.E. Station in 4 easy steps

All songs are taken from the "78RPM digitization project".
They are under licence of public domain and free from restrictions of copy rights.

If you enjoy the mod, please consider to spread the word! 8)
I also like to hear your feedback.
Have fun!