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Later in the game, and especially if you have other mods installed that increase workshop and companion limits, your cashflow tooltip might start to get a bit cluttered. Or a lot cluttered. When mine started to overflow the screen, I decided to make this mod to summarize it.

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With Native patch e1.4.1 the features of this mod have been implemented into the base game by TaleWorlds. This mod is no longer usable if you are playing on e1.4.1 or above.

You can also hold Alt before hovering over your denar total to see the full original accounting of your books instead of the summary.

If you see income or expenses getting lumped into a Miscellaneous category, it could be the mod isn't recognizing that type of item. Enabling Debug Mode in the Settings.xml file in this module's directory will output the descriptions for the unrecognized items into the message log. If these are coming from the base game rather than another mod, please report them and I'll make sure that they get handled and listed appropriately.

Compatible by default with the Buy Patrols and Entrepreneur mods, and any other mods can be easily supported by adding a few lines to the config file!

Game Versions:
e1.4.1 and above - DEPRECIATED
☑ e1.4.0

Does not save any data, and can be added or removed at any time without any problems.
DEPRECIATED as of e1.4.1 as the base game now summarizes the tooltip by default. This change is not listed in the official patch notes, however.

Preferably use Vortex, but if you can't, copy the SummarizeCashflow folder extracted from the zip archive into Bannerlord's "Modules" directory.
You may need to unblock the two .dll files (0Harmony.dll and SummarizeCashflow.dll) found in this mod's "bin/Win64_Shipping_Client" directory.

In the Settings.xml file, in the <Entries> node, you'll find separate configuration for <Income> and <Expenses>.
<Group>s inside these nodes can be added, removed and rearranged as you want. Add a new one to add support for a mod.
There are examples of mod compatibility support, those being Buy Patrols and Entrepreneur.
Each <Group> should have a <Label> and at least one <Match>.
The <Label> is the description text that will accompany that grouped gold total in the tooltip.
A <Match> should be lowercase and will add lines from the original tooltip into the group's total if the provided text is found in the line.
Endorsing this mod gives you a 20% buff to good karma for at least 30 minutes.

Known Issues:
- Holding or releasing Alt while already hovering over the tooltip doesn't change it to the other version. This is probably not going to be fixed as it would require ripping out and replacing too much of the nuts and bolts in the tooltip systems, and would run the risk of increased compatibility issues and much higher maintenance to keep it up to date with new game patches. As it is right now, it is very lightweight and unobtrusive, and should largely be compatible with any other mods that add income or expenditure items to this tooltip, though they will likely appear as Miscellaneous until the mod is updated.

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