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Hate bandits stealing all your villages' butter? Hire patrols from any settlement to help protect them! Customizable settings included!

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Now with config options!

Every settlement that you OWN now has an option to hire up to three patrols. Patrol sizes can range from small (16), medium (32), and large (48).  Pick your patrol sizes wisely as the larger they are the slower they will be. Patrol units will be of that village's culture. Patrols in general move faster than regular armies. All patrols have daily wages you must pay for. Other lords can also purchase patrols if their settlement isn't as wealthy but they do need to pay for it as well.

Increase relations with notables of the settlement if you purchase a patrol! Entirely customizable option!


IF YOU ARE PLAYING ON THE e1.4.0, please make sure to download the latest MCM ( and have it above BuyPatrols v1.3.7 in the load order. I'm not sure when MCM will have a non beta release for e1.4.0 but the current beta version works in the meantime.


1) Download and extract the file to your steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules folder.
2) Enable the mod in launcher!
3) Enjoy!

You can configure almost everything in this mod in the main menu. Check out Mod Options -> Buy Patrols or if More Options -> Mod Options -> Buy Patrols for more details for each setting.

Removing mod help:
I am not responsible if you can no longer load into your save anymore. Please make backups before saving with this mod installed.

However, if you were to remove the mod from the game, make sure you press the option to remove all patrols from the game in the mod options menu as well as turning off AI hiring and then let the game go through 1-2 days until there are no more patrols.

Then use to clean up the save file of the modded stuff.
If you don't, the save file will most likely not load.

Currently not updated so at the moment you cannot remove this mod and be able to load into the save.

Crashing help:
Unblock the .dll files that are in the zzzBuyPatrols\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client folder.

Vortex help - Someone suggested this from my other mod:
Check your Modules folder. The mod folder was empty for me (installing with Vortex) I removed the folder, downloaded & installed manually and then without uninstalling, downloaded again from Vortex.

The native Mount and Blade launcher is also still bugged with mod loading issues which causes a lot of crashes to desktop especially with mods so use the fixed launcher here:

Drag the BuyPatrols mod below the default modules. If you have BannerlordTweaks or Community Patch, drag those below BuyPatrols. If you have the standalone version of MBOptionScreen, put BuyPatrols below that.

Please check the Mod Options in the main menu of the game.

Most Recent Changelogs:

Version v1.4.2:
- Updated for e1.4.2. Requires the appropriate MCM for the respective game version.
- Old saves (e1.4.1 and below) currently not working.
- New games working and tested up to 900 days.

Version 1.4.1:
- Updated for e1.4.1. Requires the appropriate MCM for the respective game version. (if you play on e1.4.0, dl that MCM version)

Version 1.3.7:
- Updated for the most recent beta branch (will not push an update for stable at this time).

Version 1.3.6:
- Fixed patrols not engaging parties. 

Version 1.3.5:
- Added option for patrols to be made of mercenaries.
- Added text to patrol menu if player has no money to buy any patrols.
- Changed options relating to patrol troop type to a drop down.
- Changed remove dupe lord behavior. No longer removes on load. Only removes on daily tick.
- Reverted to old way of 'Disband All' due to change in removal options. Deletes them immediately to prevent abuse of stockpiling garrisons.
- Fixed mod option ordering.
- Removal options now end battles before deleting to prevent crashing. This should remove all patrols/duplicates at once now.
- Removed some unnecessary game restarts for mod options.

Planned updates: (I do not plan on adding additional features at this time)
Make more updates to conversation text like donating troops and taking prisoners Done
Permanent solution to stop idling patrols Done
Castles having patrols (it's possible but AI acts differently with castles/towns so requires more testing) Done
AI Clans recruiting patrols Done
Custom UI for tracking patrols
Escort villagers


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