Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Adds banners for troops on the battlefield - Module Version released

Permissions and credits
This mod adds banners for regular troops in all kingdoms and minor factions, with the exception of militia and caravan units. Roughly 1 in 10 soldiers should have a banner which replaces their shield if they have one. For troops that don't have a shield and has an empty equipment slot, the banner is added in the additional equipment slot. If the unit does not have a shield and uses all 4 inventory slots, then the replacement priority is as follows: Duplicate Ranged Ammo > Polearms > Two Handed Weapons > One Handed Weapons.

- Download and enable, the same way as with other mods
Default Version: 1 Banner every 10 Soldeirs
There are 9 different versions for lower amounts of banners, which all have the same mod ID. This means you can download multiple versions and switch between them at any time using the Vortex manager without causing the mod order to reset.

Manual Installation:
- Download the xml files
- Drag and drop the modules folder onto the Mount & Blade directory

Installation Notes:
If you encounter any issues with crashing/banners not showing up, it is like that the mod loading order is incorrect (as the Native launcher is prone to doing). I recommend using the Fixed Launcher mod version 1.1.0 and ordering this mod as far down as possible. V1.1.0 for the Fixed Launcher mod requires you to reinstall it every update, but is less prone to problems than their 2.0.0 version.

- OK with any mods that add or modify troop trees by overriding spnpccharacters.xml
- OK with mods that modify spitems.xml, as long as they don't have anything to do with the ingame disabled banners
If you use any mods that change these, activate this module as far down as possible to avoid conflicts and accidental overwrites, except for unit stats changing mods which should go below this one.

- Testing the banner as a polearm instead of a shield (If I can make it so troops don't go stabbing everyone 400 length away with it)

If you experience any crashes, please post a list of units in the battle in the comment section. 

For other modders:
I use Python to add the banners into the xml files. The code is uploaded into the optional files area, if you have new custom troop trees you can simply edit the file paths and run the program, and it will automatically add banners for your units. The compatibility patches should then be activated below this mod.

Other Mods:
Shoutouts to Zeonvision's Bear My Banner Mod, check it out if you want your banners to be held only by your veteran troops who have proven themselves worthy of upholding your coat of arms.