Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord


A centralised troubleshooting guide. Work in progress.

# If your game crashes before the main menu:

[] Unlock DLL files:
Navigate to "Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\MOD_NAME_HERE\Bin\Win64_Shipping_Client", right click every dll file, go to properties and find the appropriate checkbox. If you have no checkbox, then this shouldn't be an issue for you.
Note that even if you have never had blocked dll's before, that doesn't mean you'll never have this issue.

[] Mod requirements:
If a mod requires another mod to function, make sure the required mod is also activated.
Requirements, if present, can be found at a mod's description page.

[] If you get unexplainable crashes before the main menu with a single mod at a time (or no mod at all), try this launcher and make sure the vanilla/native modules are in the correct load order.

[] Try running Bannerlord as administrator in windows 7 compatibility mode.

# If your game crashes while loading a save:

# If your game crashes after having loaded a save:

[] Probably a problem with the mod itself, or a compatibility issue.

# Compatibility

[] Make sure all the mods you are using are compatible with the game's vanilla/native version.

[] Make sure your savegame is compatible with a new vanilla/native game version.
For versions A.B.C, increments in C should always be compatible, while increments in B are generally not compatible, and increments in A will always require you to start a new game.

[] Make sure all the mods you are using are compatible with each other.
If you are using a mod that applies multiple tweaks, check the configuration options and disable those that conflict.

Check a mod's description page and look for the following information:

- If a mod completely replaces/overwrites/overrides a "class", then it is very likely to be incompatible with any other mod that does so to the same "class". In this case ask the mod authors about compatibility information.

- Mods that "harmony-patch" the same "method" by postfix are probably compatible, but there's a chance they may not be.

If a mod author does not provide enough information about compatibility, you may try requesting it. Modders may be reluctant to check compatibility if the other mod does not make their sourcecode available, in this case request the modder to do so.

[] If you are only experiencing a problem when using multiple mods, and not while using only a single mod, then you are experiencing a problem of incompatibility between mods.

[] If mod incompatibility results in crashes that are easy to reproduce, then it is easy to track down which mods are incompatible. Simple trial and error is enough to figure this out. If you track down such incompatibility, let both mod authors know about it.
Do keep in mind you should not deactivate mods that save data to your savegame, unless there is a mod to fix that issue.

# Saves

[] Rarely some mod's effects may fail to apply on an old save. Just in case, it may be worth it to try starting a new game and see if it works then. If just to test it you can use the dev console mod to make it easier/faster.

[] Some mods may require a new game to take effect, such as mods that add wanderers. Such info should be present in a mod's description page.

# Misc

[] Some mods may have mod-specific troubleshooting steps, if so you'll find them in that mod's description.

# Nexus and Vortex

[] If Vortex fails to install a mod, make sure the game launcher isn't running.

[] There's always a tiny chance for .DLL mods to trigger false positives in Anti-Viruses. Nexusmods scans all uploaded files (visible near the top of a mod page), and if you wish you can use a tool like "Virustotal".

[] If a mod gives problems after updating, try to uninstall it completely before installing the new version.

[] There is a forum for Vortex Support


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