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Ever had a problem with the banners that replace your troops' shields and bows? This mod is the answer to that. Banner Overhaul changes the nature of banners so that they can be equipped without having to remove shields and bows, with a few exciting changes such as new troops and items regarding banners.

Permissions and credits

Note: I apologize for not being able to update this at all. I have been very busy with university and I was unable to find enough time to even play the game. With the release of mod tools - I hope that this could soon be updated - with a better level of polish than before. What I'm saying is that this could or could not be updated in the future depending on my time.
However, if anyone else has the capabilities to do this, then by all means, you are welcome to do so. 

Banners of Calradia: A Banner Overhaul Mod

version 1.0.0

NOTE: This mod is in a very early stage of development, and is subject to change. More of the shown content will be released in the coming days. Stay Tuned! Please report any bugs that you may find. Thanks!

Due to a combination of personal problems and the recent update, I wouldn’t be able to update anything at the moment. I apologize for the inconvenience. However, I have tested that it works for 1.4.1, while waiting for the dependent mod to be updated to 1.4.2. 

Short Description

Simply put, what this mod does is change the nature of banners - from a buggy "banner" into a usable weapon. Additional types of banners will be added in the future such as a polearm that can swing, thrust, etc. Currently, only the thrusting banner is available for use by both troops and heroes. 
It also adds additional banners which can be purchased and equipped on companions, including the dragon banner (which functions like a shield, for now)
Depending on the version, it also adds units that serves as banner and standard bearers to your army, using the dragon banner as a standard. This includes the hidden unit "Imperial Signifier", and adds a Standard bearer for each of the Major Factions.

General Information
The mod is separated into three different versions - each with its own additions, with Lite being the least amount, and experimental having the most. Basic is the base file which would include successful experimental items and units.
However, all versions require BearMyBanner to work. 

1. Lite
In this version, everything non-essential to the mod, such as the new units, polearms, and others. Only the standard banners and usable dragon banner will be in the module. The buggy banners are replaced by usable weapon banners that can be used alongside shields and bows. 
Adds the Dragon Banner as a usable item - although currently in shield form. 

Right now, this is my recommended file - currently the most stable.

2. Basic
This version is the base mod, and contains the following:
  • Signifiers/Standard Bearers for each faction, they are upgradeable from their 4th tier infantry, except for the Sturgians - who can get it from their Brigands.  (They are not accessible via encyclopedia yet)
  • Imperial Veteran Infantryman, Aserai Infantry, Sturgian Brigand, Battanian Picked Warrior, Vlandian Swordsman, and  Khuzait Spearman are all the units that can upgrade into a standard bearer. 
  • More Banners - Additional banners such as couchable polearms, swords, etc
  • More planned content !

3. Experimental (will be uploaded in the coming days)
In this version, I will be updating from time to time, with additional banners, units especially shock cavalry that can use banner polearms, or anything that I have in mind. I will also try to update weapon holsters, usages, that will refine the banner weapons into something less buggy. 

1. It changes how Banners are held by lords within the campaign map. (See Image below)

2. The polearm banners are hard to use as a player, since the mesh is much longer than the weapon length - will try to fix soon. 
3. The new units do not appear in the encyclopedia. 

Simply use with vortex, or if manually downloaded - install by adding the module to the module folder. 

Future Plans
  • Fix the issue regarding how banners are used in the campaign map
  • Implement the Standard Bearers for each faction - which can be recruited or upgraded
  • Add more weapons that
  • Try to find other banner meshes that could work alongside the current one
  • Adding various other banners with usable parts ( can be used in smithy )
  • Banner polearms with varying damage values
  • Beta 1.4.2 compatibility (waiting for other outdated mods as well)