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Add more Clans and Lords to the Vanilla Kingdoms for Calradia Expanded (currently 1.6.4)

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This Sub-Mod for Calradia Expanded more adds 15 new clans to the vanilla Kingdoms, with numerous nobles and grants each one at least one fief to rule over. For the most part the new clans take ownership of a new town or castle added by Calradia Expanded, although not always. Some vanilla clans have also been moved in order t keep fiefs owned by the same clan close together. This is most noticeable in the Aserai territory where ownership was spread out for some clans.

I got the idea for making this mod while playing Calradia Expanded (not the Kingdoms version) and Separatism mod. After a very short time the Aserai and Khuzait kingdom had fractured into much smaller kingdoms. The Aserai was hit hardest with almost all it's clans declaring independence because they owned enough fiefs at the start of the game to meet the default Separatism threshold. This isn't really an issue if playing with Calradia Expanded: Kingdoms, as it adds more clans to fill those new fiefs, but I was also playing with De Re Militari which does not really support CE:K. 

New Clans
VLANDIA  dey Bessin,  dey Tosny and the dey Royceford
BATTANIA fen Aedhai
STURGIA Vyalesving, Brekoving and the Kovgoving
KUZAIT Oghurit and the Utigurit
ASERAI Banu Zighem, Banu Fasi and the Banu Sahaja

This Mod requires starting a new Sandbox campaign.

I have tested it on Bannerlord 1.6.4 and Calradia Expanded a1.1.6
DO NO USE WITH Calradia Expanded: Kingdoms!

Recommended Mods.
Houses of Calradia solves AI marriage and AI clan extinction.

Separatism suggested setting.
Lords Rebellion - Turn off Average amount of Kingdom Fiefs and set minimum amount of fiefs to 5
National Rebellions - set Lords number to 2
Anarchy Rebellions - Turn off
Settlement Rebellions - Turn on
Feel free to change these to suit you, try changing the setting for a few days if you want a to see some rebellions. I turn Anarchy rebellions off as they are pretty similar to Settlement Rebellions except a Lord is called upon to lead the kingdom, while Settlement rebellions creates a rebel clan that has the potential to establish itself and join another kingdom. 

Diplomacy Helps fix diplomacy in Bannerlord